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'Educational School Challenges in the Digital Age' by Prof Roman Globokar, University of Ljubljana

The book 'Educational School Challenges in the Digital Age' by Roman Globokar was published in April 2019 in the Slovenian language. The greater part of the book was written during the author’s stay in Trinity College Dublin.

The content offers a holistic and thorough view of the impact of digital technology on the development of children and young people. It values the influence of new technologies and countless possibilities and their use in the educational process. However, to achieve the main goal of education today, which is still the integral growth of a person, the book emphasises the new challenge of today’s education. The author proposes to follow four main values: self-esteem, critical thinking, creativity and community.

The content includes the following chapters: Cultural Context, School in the Digital Environment, Development of Brains, Impact of Digital Technologies on Cognitive, Emotional, Social, and Moral Development of Children, Education as a Part of Schooling, Religious Education as a Support to Schooling, Specific Educational Features of Catholic Schools, Research Analysis about the Role of Religion and Values in Slovenian Catholic Schools.


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