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M.Litt. and Ph.D. presentations - Thesis-in-Three and Annual Ph.D. Event

During the month of May, the Ph.D. students of the Confederal School of Religions, Peace Studies and Theology were busy sharing their research with the wider academic community in college. Two events were organised: the Thesis-in-Three event hosted by the Trinity Long Room Hub in conjunction with the School of Education (organised by Mary Stefanazzi) and the Confederal School PhD Workshop (organised by Olivia Wilkinson).


The Thesis-in-Three format allows each presenter just three minutes and three slides to present the basic premise of their PhD research. It encourages students to hone in on the clearest and most concise presentation of their work and allows many presenters to introduce their work to each other in a short time period. At the event in the Trinity Long Room Hub on Wednesday 4 May, five presenters from the Confederal School and five presenters from the School of Education gave brief summaries of their research. The presenters from the Confederal School were Mary Stefanazzi on Fr. Victor White and his correspondence with Carl Jung, Katherine Dowds on Sikhs in Ireland, Jennifer Matchain on permaculture as conflict resolution method, Elizabeth Byrne on theological approaches to peace and reconciliation, and Olivia Wilkinson on NGOs and religion in humanitarian crises. The event was much appreciated by all and provided many opportunities to share experience and knowledge across disciplinary boundaries.

Annual Ph.D. Event

The Confederal School Ph.D. Workshop is an annual event organised by students and for students. This year is was held on 25 May at Irish School of Ecumenics-Loyola Institute Building. It provides a space for PhD students to hear feedback from their peers, learn what others in the school are researching, and practice their presentation skills in a familiar environment. This year five presenters gave an overview of their current research. Mary Stefanazzi talked about her reflections on faith, wellbeing and mental health debates as she comes towards the end of her research. Alun Thomas, now at the beginning of his PhD, introduced his work on ancient biblical translations. Katherine Dowds presented the theoretical background to her work on Sikhs in Ireland with particular focus on theories of integration. Paul Hayes explained the theoretical backdrop to his research on the ethics of social media use in emergency management as part of the Slándáil project. Olivia Wilkinson rounded up the workshop by presenting on her findings following research in the Philippines and recent experience translating research into policy. Many thanks go to the staff that helped organise, set up, and attended the event.






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