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Peace in the Korean Peninsula: Confrontation or Engagement? Reflections from the Northern Ireland Peace Process


This conference took place on 28 and 29 May 2015 in Irish School of Ecumenics - Loyola Institute Building, TCD and was co-organised by the Irish School of Ecumenics; Trinity Centre for Asian Studies; Centre for Post-Conflict Justice, TCD, SSK Research Cluster; University of North Korean Studies, Seoul.

The guest speakers included:

Dr Duncan Morrow, Prof. John Doyle, Prof. Kab-Woo Koo, Dr Dong-Jin Kim, Prof. Paul Arthur, Mr Padraig O'Tuama, Dr Seung-Yeol Lee, Prof. Sung-Kyung Kim, Dr Katy Radford, Dr Young-Hoon Lee, Dr Paul Nolan, Dr Katy Hayward, Dr Bo-Guen-Kim, Prof. Cheol-Gee Yoon, Prof. Jude Lal Fernando.

Prof. Paul Arthur,  Retired Professor of International Affairs, University of Ulster; Dr. Katy Radford, The Institute for Conflict Research, Northern Ireland; Prof. Sung-Kyung Kim, University of North Korean Studies, Seoul;  Dr. Seung-Yeol Lee, National Assembly Research Service, Seoul; Dr. Young-Hoon Lee, SK Research Institute for SUPEX Management;  Iain Atack, Head of Confederal School of Religions, Peace Studies and Theology

More photos from this event can be viewed here.






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