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Educating for Peace in Northern Ireland and Korea

A South Korean NGO, Okedongmu Children, consisting of primary and secondary teachers, university professors, and staff visited the Irish School of Ecumenics from South Korea. The NGO has UN ECOSOC consultative status and has been providing humanitarian and development aid to North Korea (building children's hospitals in North Korea), and was running a cross-border peace education programme for youth until the Korean peace process broke down in 2010. Since the suspension they have become more focused on peace education in South Korea.

In addition to the visitors from Korea, the ISE invited esteemed peace education experts and practitioners from Northern Ireland to a conference on 'Educating for Peace in Northern Ireland and Korea' on 14 February.

The conference was an excellent opportunity, greatly appreciated by all participants, to share lessons and experiences and to find ways to work together for peace in divided societies. Speakers and chairs of the conference are as follows:

Prof. Andrew Pierce, Head of the Irish School of Ecumenics
Prof. Geraldine Smyth, Irish School of Ecumenics
Dr Salters Sterling, Irish School of Ecumenics Trust
Dr Derick Wilson, Emeritus Reader in Education, University of Ulster
Yvonne Naylor,, Northern Ireland
John Peto, NERVE Centre, Northern Ireland
Prof. Gi-Beom Lee, Sookmyung Women's University, Korea
Prof. Young-Chul Chung, Sogang University, Korea
Hae-Kyung Choi, Okedongmu Children, Korea
Yun-Seon Kim, Okedongmu Children, Korea















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