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Dr Brendan CiarĂ¡n Browne launches 'Burn/t Out' at Artcetera, Belfast

On Wednesday evening, Dr Browne's recent work on the history of violent displacement in Northern Ireland was launched in Belfast. Burn/t Out is an exhibition of research-based artwork, exploring the history of displacement in the North of Ireland. The result of a long-term collaboration between Brendan Browne and Casey Aprooth-Jackson, their project aims to understand the mass-displacement of civilians caused by the eruption of violence in 1969, through a study of its remnant effects in contemporary society. Departing from documentary interviews with those burnt out of their homes during the Troubles, the work invites visitors to receive their stories in an exhausted present. Here, the study of displacement seeks to provoke reflection on a critically under-examined experience, while ruminating on the fatigue it has produced. Held at once, these opposing tendencies suggest a synthesis: that the endeavor to recall and recover from the trauma of the past is also the struggle not to burnout.

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The show - based in Artcetera Studios, Rosemary St., Belfast - runs until Easter Monday.


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