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Peace Studies on the Island of Ireland

30 March 2023

5PM-6.30PM (Irish Time)



Walt Kilroy, Associate Director, Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction, Dublin City University

Maire Braniff, Senior Lecturer, School of Applied Social and Policy Science, Ulster University

David Mitchell, Assistant Professor, School of Religion, Theology, and Peace Studies, Trinity College Dublin at Belfast

Heidi Riley, Research Fellow and formerly Assistant Professor, School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin

Gladys Ganiel, Professor, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, Queen’s University Belfast

Chaired by Gillian Wylie, Associate Professor, School of Religion, Theology, and Peace Studies, Trinity College Dublin

Event Information

Why is doing peace studies important on the island of Ireland? Several universities in Ireland and Northern Ireland offer peace studies related courses and host renowned peace studies scholars. Is the growth of peace studies connected to the history of conflict and peace on this island? Indeed, the Northern Ireland peace process has been one of the most researched cases in various disciplines, not limited to peace studies. What could the unique contribution of peace studies as an academic discipline be? For the founders of the peace studies courses, including the Irish School of Ecumenics, it is an academic effort to take an ethical responsibility toward research and bring about positive change, not only on this island but also around the world. The normative concern and practice orientation of scholars in peace studies are evident in their interdisciplinary exploration of the concepts of peace with justice, and their application to developing policies, strategies, and action plans. Perhaps, the aim of peace studies is to become redundant, as the motto of the ISE, Floreat ut Pereat (flourish to perish). However, despite the growth of peace studies, the process to build a more sustainable peace still appears to be fragile and unstable. How can peace studies on the island of Ireland better serve its purpose at the time of growing uncertainty on a globe with ongoing conflicts and wars?

This ISE at 50 webinar gathers scholars who are connected to the field of peace studies from across the island of Ireland to critically reflect on the above questions. ISE was founded in 1970 by Fr. Michael Hurley, with a vision of a place where people from diverse backgrounds and disciplinary perspectives could explore the meaning and possibilities of peace and reconciliation together. ISE continues to uphold Fr. Hurley’s vision within the School of Religion, Theology, and Peace Studies in Trinity College Dublin.

Please share details of this event to anyone you think might be interested in participating, and share it within your networks.