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Education for Reconciliation – Continuing education

Education for Reconciliation (EfR) is our continuing education programme in Northern Ireland and the border counties. Courses are held at a variety of locations, reaching 1800 students each year.

The EfR team has been groundbreaking in developing courses that speak to the most pressing needs of the churches and the wider community. Our instructors use an open, interactive classroom style that allows ample opportunity for discussion and for people from different backgrounds to get to know each other.

Recent courses include Women and Peacebuilding, Christ in a World of Many Faiths, and Churches as Communities of Resistance. In 2008 EfR organised a series of six public lectures, ‘The Moral Maze: Ethical Questions and the Shared Future,’ ranging from criminal justice to the churches and the equality agenda. EfR also works closely with Church Fora throughout Northern Ireland.

bibleDr Johnston McMaster and Dr Cathy Higgins of the Irish School of Ecumenics have developed two exciting new online modules, appropriate for use by church and community groups. These modules were shaped in consultation with the School’s IRCHSS-funded Visioning 21st Century Ecumenism Project, and are titled ‘The Bible in Dispute’ and ‘Where in the World is God?’ The modules also draw on McMaster and Higgins’ vast experience of community education in Northern Ireland and the border counties, including their work with church fora throughout Northern Ireland.

Click here to access the website with the module materials.

Click here for a list of current courses and events.

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