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Production company: Solax Co.
Country of origin: USA
Director: Edward Warren.
Cast: Barney Gilmore (Brennan O'Malley).
Black and white; silent; 3 reels; format, 35mm.
Copy: Library of Congress (2,623 ft, incomplete, with Dutch inter-titles, Brennan De Straatroover); Nederlands Filmuseum.

Summary: The film carries the slogan: ‘He Stole From the Rich to Give to the Poor’. It is a story of the ‘nobleman-bandit’, Brennan O'Malley, who is captured and imprisoned, but an attempt to drown him through flooding his cell fails. Recaptured after his escape from prison, he overwhelms a soldier and escapes again. He then holds up Lord Hastings and changes into his clothes. He escapes through a secret passage with Betty, Lady Lorrequer whom he had earlier rescued and with whom he had fallen in love. The couple cross a chasm with the aid of a human chain to elude Lord Hastings' troop of soldiers. In the pursuit, Hastings falls into the sea and is killed, while Brennan and Betty escape by ship.

Note: Spehr, 1977, includes a reproduction of this film’s promotional poster.

References: Irish Limelight, November 1917:11; MPW, 5 August 1913:595 (advert.)

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