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Film Details

Series/Newsreel titleHANGING GALE, THE
Production companyLittle Bird Productions
Radio Telefís Éireann/RTE
BBC Northern Ireland
SponsorBórd Scánnán na hEireann/Irish Film Board
Country of originIreland
Northern Ireland
ProducerCAVANDISH, Jonathan
DirectorLAWRENCE, Diarmuid
Script/AdaptationCUBITT, Allan
PhotographyMAIDMENT, Rex
Art directionCROWE, Desmond
Production designHUTCHINSON, Tim
Executive producerCOOPER, Robert
Music composerDAVEY, Shaun
CastJoe McGann (Sean Phelan), Mark McGann (Conor Phelan), Paul McGann (Liam Phelan), Stephen McGann (Daniel Phelan), Michael Kitchen (Townsend), Fiona Victory (Maeve Phelan), Tina Kellegher (Mary Dolan), Sean McGinley (Ferry), Gerard McSorley (Coulter), Joe Pilkington (James Phelan), Ciarán Fitzgerald (Joseph Phelan), Ciara Marley (Molly Phelan), Dylan O'Connell (baby Hannah), Barry Barnes (Michael Dolan), Birdy Sweeney (Patrick Dolan), Maire Ni Ghrainne (Sarah Dolan), Mal Whyte (McBride), Dave Duffy (McCafferty), Peter Caffrey (Dr. Davis), Joe Savino (Meagher), B.J. Hogg (Harkin), Gerry Walsh (Brady), Oliver Maguire (Mr. Denny), Eileen Colgan (Mrs. Denny), Alan Stanford (Henry Jenkins), Liam Carney (Shanahan), Seamus Moran (Constable Coyle), Albie Woodington (Sergeant Major), George Shane (Brewster), Frank O'Sullivan (Kerryman), Ian Beattie (Brian Sweeney), Stephen Kennedy (Martin).
SoundDigital Stereo
Release date1995
TX channelRTE 1
TX date16/05/1995
SummaryFour part television series, explores the traumatic events of the Great Famine of the late 1840s which lead to large scale death and migration. In 1846, under pressure to pay rents, members of a secret society kill land-agent Jenkins and his driver. When the new agent, Captain Townsend, refuses to reduce rents and to stop evictions, he is kidnapped by a mob and nearly hanged before soldiers save him. The action mostly centers on a County Donegal tenant farmer family, the Phelans: father James; and sons, schoolteacher Daniel, a member of the secret society, who plans to marry Mary Dolan, whose brother Michael (Barry Barnes) is killed during a raid by bailiffs on their farm; Sean who is married to Maeve; Conor ; and Liam, a priest. Sean and Conor are sentenced to six months in jail, but Conor manages to escape on the way to prison, joining up with Maeve and Sean's children, going with them, when they hear of Sean's death in prison, on a free assisted passage to America. Meanwhile, Daniel has been implicated in a plot to kill Townsend and is on the run, spending a night with Mary, who becomes pregnant. He kills Townsend, for whom Mary works as a maid, and he is captured and executed. [Ep 3]: The local priest objects to the death threat against Townsend. The attempt to assassinate Townsend fails and Daniel Phelan is implicated. Townsend wants to make an example of the Phelans and evicts them although their rents are paid in full.
NoteFour part drama series runs from 2 - 20th May 1995 (RTE) and from
14 May to 4 June 1995 (BBC 2).
DistributorLittle Bird
ph 661 4245
fax 6600351
BBC Worldwide
Ph 0044 181 743 5588
Fax 0044 181 749 0538
Production creditsp.c.: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Little Bird Ltd., Radio Telefís Eireann (RTE), p: Jonathan Cavandish, exec.p.: Robert Cooper, James Mitchell, line-p.: Kathy Sykes, d: Diarmuid Lawrence, sc: Alan Cubitt, dop: Rex Maidment, ed: Don Fairservice, p.dsgn.: Tim Hutchinson, m: Shaun Davey, a.d.: Michael Murray, Matthew Sharp, s.ed.: Andy Kennedy, effs. co-ord: Garth Inns, effs: super: Dominic Tuohy, effs: Effects Associates Ltd., stunts co-ord: Philippe Zone, armorer: John McKenna, loc.m.: Angus More Gordon.
Genre/CategoryTV Drama Series
Historical Drama

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