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Film Details

Series/Newsreel titleRIORDANS, THE
Production companyTeilifis Eireann
Country of originIreland
ProducerBARRY, Tony
CastJohn Cowley (Tom Riordan), Moira Deady (Mary Riordan), Tom Hickey (Benjy), Frank O'Donovan (Batty Brennan), Anne D'Alton (Minnie Brennan), Rebecca Wilkinson (Jude Hyland), Biddy White-Lennon (Maggie Neal).
TX channelRTE 1
TX date23/06/1968
SummarySoap from the original series by James Douglas. When the Riordans decide to go on holiday, they leave Minnie and Batty to look after the farm. The holiday includes a singsong in a hotel where Jude and Tom sing their party pieces.
NoteLast in the 1977/1968 series. The holiday scenes in this episode were filmed at Portmarnock, Dublin.
TV Drama Series

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