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Film Details

Production companyLiffey Films Inc
Zenith Productions Ltd
Wieland Schulz-Keil-Chris Sievernich Productions
Vestron Pictures
Channel Four
Delta Film
Country of originUSA
Great Britain
ProducerSCHULZ-KIEL, Wieland
DirectorHUSTON, John
Script/AdaptationHUSTON, Tony
PhotographyMURPHY, Fred
NOLAN, Randy
COULTER, Michael
Sound recordingRANDALL JR., Bill
EditingSILVI, Roberta
Art directionGANTLY, Arden
Production designGRIMES, Stephen
Costume designJEAKINS, Dorothy
PARSONS, Jennifer
Executive producerQUIGLEY, William J.
Music composerNORTH, Alex
Music performanceO'GRADY, Eily (Piano)
STOCKTON, Ann (solO'Harp)
PATTERSON, Frank (Singer)
Songs'The Lass of Aughrim' perf. by Frank Patterson.
CastAnjelica Huston (Gretta Conroy), Donal McCann (Gabriel Conroy), Helena Carroll (Aunt Kate Morkan), Cathleen Delany (Aunt Julia Morkan), Ingrid Craigie (Mary Jane), Rachael Dowling (Lily), Dan O'Herlihy (Mr Browne), Donal Donnelly (Freddy Malins), Marie Kean (Mrs Malins), Frank Patterson (Bartell D'Arcy), Maria McDermottroe (Molly Ivors), Sean McClory (Mr Grace), Katherine O'Toole (Miss Furlong), Maria Hayden (Miss O'Callaghan), Bairbre Dowling (Miss Higgins), Lydia Anderson (Miss Daly), Colm Meaney (Mr Bergin), Cormac O'Herlihy (Mr Kerrigan), Paul Grant (Mr Duffy, 1st young gentleman), Redmond M Gleeson (night porter), Brendan Dillon (cabman), Paul Carroll (2nd young gentleman), Dara Clarke (young lady), Patrick Gallagher(3rd young gentleman).
SoundDolby Stereo
Release date1987
SummaryIn Dublin in early 1904 as two elderly sisters. Miss Kate and Miss Julia Morkan, welcome guests to their annual dinner and dance, they express their concern that Freddy Malins will turn up drunk as he did in previous years. Gabriel Conroy and his wife Gretta are amongst the guests. Freddy arrives drunk with his mother, and a Protestant, Mr Browne, engages in teasing banter with the devoutly-Catholic Freddy. During dinner, Molly Ivors, a Republican, disturbs Gabriel with her complaint at his lack of commitment to the cause. Mr Grace recites a poem by Lady Gregory. Bartell D'Arcy, an operatic tenor, declines to sing after Miss Julia sings Bellini's aria 'Arrayed for the Bride'. As the guests are preparing to leave, Gabriel, who had earlier addressed a speech to absent friends, is struck by his wife's attention as she listens to D'Arcy sing the ballad, 'The Lass of Aughrim'. Back at their hotel, Gretta tells her husband about a love from her youth when she lived in Galway. The boy, Michael Furey, who was ill, came through the snow to see her on the night she was leaving. He subsequently died aged seventeen and Gretta still believes that he died for her. Gabriel acknowledges to himself as he watches Gretta's tearful memories that he has never known love like that. (V).
NoteThis was John Huston's last film. This film was made on location in Valencia, California, and in Dublin. A film documentary, JOHN HUSTON AND THE DUBLINERS (1987), directed by Lilyan Sievernich, charts the production of THE DEAD.
Screened at the 10th Galway Film Fleadh, 7-12 July 1998.
ReferenceIT 27/8/1987; IT 29/10/1987; MFB 1987:355-7.

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Promotional brochure for film, including quote from Huston, plot synopsis, credits and cast, actors and filmmakers details, location details, plus notes on James Joyce. Held at the Tiernan MacBride Library of the Irish Film Institute.

John Huston & The Dubliners on the set of The Dead. Production notes. Held at the Tiernan MacBride Library of the Irish Film Institute.

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Sunday Independent, 30/11/99:5, ‘McCann Lands Lead in Huston Movie’, article on the cast and location for the film of The Dead to be filmed by John Huston in early 1987 (Ronan Farren).

John Huston's The Dead. Press book. Includes production notes and biographies. Held at the Tiernan MacBride Library of the Irish Film Institute.

Variety, review of the Venice Film Festival premiere of The Dead. Held at the Tiernan MacBride Library of the Irish Film Institute.

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Irish Times, 15/06/00;17, An Irishman's Diary, obituary for the Irish tenor Frank Patterson who sang in the film of The Dead (Kevin Myers).

Irish Times, 17/06/00:16, ‘Frank Patterson. It was said the whole world seemed still while he sang’, obituary for the Irish tenor Frank Patterson who sang in the film of The Dead.

Sunday Tribune, 19/11/00:9, ‘Bringing The Dead rubble back to life’, article on Brendan Kilty who owns the building where James Joyce's short story The Dead was set (Catherine Cleary).

Irish Times (Magazine), 24/03/01:47, preview of The Dead from the TV listings (Tony Clayton-Lea).

Irish Times, 22/10/01:9, ‘Revisiting The Dead’, article on Kevin Barry's new book about John Huston's film The Dead. It stresses the fidelity of the late director to James Joyce's short story (Hugh Linehan).
DistributorVestron Pictures (GB)
Production creditsp.c: Liffey Films Inc (Valencia)/Zenith Productions Ltd (London). A Wieland Schulz-Keil, Chris Sievernich Production. A John Huston Film. In association with Vestron Pictures (Stamford, Conn.)/Channel Four/Delta Film (Berlin), pres: Vestron Pictures/Zenith, p: Wieland Schulz-Keil, Chris Sievernich, exec. p: William J Quigley, d: John Huston, sc: Tony Huston from the short story 'The Dead' in the collection Dubliners by James Joyce (Dublin, 1914), sc. super: Karen Golden, dop: Fred Murphy, c. op: Randy Nolan, c: Michael Coulter (landscapes, Irish), a.c: Grant Cameron, focus: Des Whelan, clapper loader: Alan Butler, grip: John Murphy, 1st a.c: Brad Edmiston, 2nd a.c: Paul Prince, ed: Roberta Silvi, a. ed/post-p. super: Keith M Sheridan, p.dsgn.: Stephen GFilmes, in collaboration with Dennis Washington, art d: Arden Gantly (2nd unit, Irish), a. art d: Bruce Hubbard, set dec: Josie MacAvin, 1st a.d/p.m: Tom Shaw, 2nd a.d: John 'Joe' Brooks, 1st a.d: Seamus Byrne (2nd unit, Irish), 2nd a.d: Gay Brabazon (2nd unit, Irish), 3rd a.d: Susan Carbery (2nd unit, Irish), trainee a.d (Ireland): John Halpin, Hugh Linehan, Rosemary Morton, Cathy O'Connor, m: Alex North, m. perf. by: Eily O'Grady (piano), Ann Stockton (solo harp), orchestrations: Richard Bronskill, m. ed: Kenneth Wannberg, song: 'The Lass of AughFilm' perf. by Frank Patterson, choreo: Paul Gleason, super, s. ed: Marvin I Kosberg, s. ed: James E Nownes, a.s. ed: Chuck Blecka, Foley ed: Anthony M Palk, s: Bill Randall Jr, Len Engel (m.), Dan Wallin, boom op.: David Stafford, Bill Randall Jr, s. re-rd: Robert W Glass Jr (dial.), Ken S Polk (m.), John B Asman (effs.), cast: Nuala Moiselle, extra cast: Peggy Weber, cost: Dorothy Jeakins, cost. super: Jennifer Parsons, men's ward: Robert Pecina, John McDonald, women's ward: Jennifer Butler, Marilyn Mathews, ward. mistress: Maeve Patterson (2nd unit, Irish), make-up dsgn: Fern Buchner, make-up: Keis Maes, hair dsgn: Anthony Cortino, hair: Christopher Shihar, Louise Dowling, Anne Dunne (2nd unit, Irish), titles/opticals: Howard A Anderson Co, titles: Ray Morfino, sp. effs. super: Maurice Foley (2nd unit, Irish), cnstr. co-ord/sp. effs: Candy Hanagin, cnstr. m: Tommy Bassett (2nd unit, Irish), props master: Tom Shaw Jr, a. props: Phil Hurst, stills: Francois Duhamel, literary adv. James Joyce estate: Clive Hart, p. co-ord: Anne M Shaw, p. accnt: Garrison Singer, p. secretary: Joan Bennett, a. to Mr Huston: Marilyn LaSalandra, publicity: Clein & Feldman, Bruce Feldman, Sheila Ban', Ben Levy, GB distr: Vestron Pictures.
Genre/CategoryFeature Film Drama
Literary Adaptation
Period Drama
Feast of Epiphany
PeopleJames Joyce

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