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Film Details

Production companyGSF Inc
Country of originUSA
DirectorWORKS, J.C.
ERSKINE, Chester
Art directionSTERN, Murray
Costume designCOFFIN, Gene
Music composerROSENMAN, Leonard
CastStephen Joyce (Harry Regan), William Devane, Anna Meara, Richard
Mulligan, David Groh, Judie Rolin, William Challee, Joseph Stem,
Fredricka Weber, Kurt Williams.
Release date1972
SummaryOn Fire Island off the American east coast on the night in 1927 when Charles Lindbergh is making the first flight across the Atlantic, smuggler and IRA member Harry Regan awaits a consignment of rum to be delivered off the coast. The coast guard under Lieut-Commander Ashley, an alcoholic, listens for the smugglers' radio signal. As Harry leaves, his girlfriend Maeve Curran recalls how she met him in Brooklyn despite the warnings of her parents to stay away from him. A Bolshevik and a smuggler, they told her, whose dreams ended in Ireland. Harry is observed on the beach by Ashley and he warns his men to stay on the alert. Speakeasy operator Sarah serves a drink to the sheriff and passes him a bribe. Regan tells Irish actor Paul Fitzmaurice and his girlfriend Goldie that he left Ireland during the Irish Civil War, but that the money from the rum-running is being used to buy guns to make Ireland free. At sea, smugglers' leader Maxie, who has been sent to kill Regan, opens fire on Regan and his associate, Timmy. Meanwhile on shore a coast guard member kidnaps Timmy's wife and sets fire to their cottage. He takes her to Regan's cottage and also sets fire to it, but Maeve shoots him. At sea, Regan is shot by Maxie's men, while Timmy is killed. Regan makes it ashore and finds Maeve alive. Maxie and his men come across Regan and Maeve on the beach. Regan kills one of the gang and gets away with Maeve shortly before Ashley arrives with the coast guard and arrests Maxie. Meanwhile, Fitzmaurice steals a boat with which he intends to leave the island with Goldie. Regan arrives at Fitzmaurice's cottage with Maeve. Ashley and one of his men, who is in league with Maxie, bring Maxie to the cottage. Maxie shoots his coast guard accomplice, but Regan appears and kills Maxie. They tie up Ashley and escape as news comes through that Lindbergh has been sighted over Ireland. (V).
NoteNewsreel footage from the 1916-1921 period in Ireland and of
events associated with Charles Lindbergh's Atlantic crossing are included
in this film.
Production creditsp.c: GSF Inc-Cinerama, d: J C Works [Chester Erskine], dop: Minervino
Rojas, art d: Murray Stern, cost: Gene Coffin, Miss Meara's and Miss
Weber's cost: Matthew Schlansky, m: Leonard Rosenman.
Genre/CategoryFeature Film Drama
KeywordsIrish Rebels
Rum Running
Irish Civil War
War of Independence

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