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Film Details

Production companyKeith Productions
Country of originUSA
ProducerCARLYLE, Patrick
THOMPSON, William C.
DirectorTHOMPSON, William C.
Script/AdaptationPETERSALIA, Patrick
CARLYLE, Patrick
THOMPSON, William C.
PhotographyLONGNECKER, Bert
Sound recordingEICKE, Herbert
Associate producerMAHONEY, P.B.
Music composerBUDROW, Manuela
Music performanceChitO'Montoya's Orchestra
CastPat Carlyle {Don O'Brien, the Irish Gringo}, William Famum (Pop B
Wiley), Bryant Washbum, Elena Duran, Karlyn May, Olin Francis, Milt
Morante, Don Orlando, Ace Cain, Rudolph Comell, Marjorie Medford,
Joseph Swickard, Kit Guard.
Release date1935
SummaryAfter failing to find out the location of the Lost Dutchman Mine from an old man, Taggart, a gang of outlaws murder him, but then realise they have confused him with Pop Wiley, who is supposed to know the location of the mine. Pop gives his granddaughter Sally a blouse on which he has drawn a map of the lost gold mine and tells her that if anything happens to him she is to go to his friend Anita in town. One of the outlaws secretly observes Pop's conversation with Sally and then confronts him, but when he won't tell him the location of the mine the outlaw kills him. The outlaws see Don O'Brien, a cowboy known as the Irish Gringo, and his associates, Pancho and Buffalo, and tell the sheriff that the Irish Gringo is a responsible for Taggart's death, but the three escape the sheriffs posse. When they see some of the outlaws leaving the Wiley ranch they find a distressed Sally there. Later, they take her to town so that she can have milk. In town, saloon owner Ace Lewis crudely proposes to Anita, but she is in love with Jimmy Melton. Her friend, the Irish Gringo, appears and tells her he is half-Irish and half-Mexican. She tells him of her difficulty with Lewis, who owns the house where she lives, and of Jimmy who doesn't want to marry her because he is poor. Her philosophy, which is adopted by the Irish Gringo, is that 'it is better to make a life than a living'. Besides being a saloon owner and gambler, Lewis is a killer on the run, who is also looking for the mine. Carlotta, who is in love with the Irish Gringo, knits a dress for Sally. Carlotta overhears gang members discuss how they framed the Irish Gringo for Pop Wiley's murder and that the map is on Sally's blouse. In Lewis' saloon, where Sally is with the Irish Gringo, Carlotta tells him about the blouse. The gang appear and attempt to arrest the Irish Gringo. He escapes with Carlotta, but stops at a minister's house to make arrangements for Anita's and Jimmy's marriage. Carlotta misunderstands the arrangements and thinks that the Irish Gringo is going to marry Anita and as a result she becomes angry at him. She goes to Lewis and tells them about the marriage and the location of the shack where the Gringo is staying. Carlotta goes to Anita's house where she finds her in Jimmy's arms and realises her mistake. She goes to the Irish Gringo and tells him what she has done. On the following day, as Anita and Jimmy are getting married, Lewis and his gang arrive but they are held up by the Irish Gringo and his men. When Lewis attempts to draw on the Irish Gringo, a Pancho kills him. After the wedding. Sally is brought to meet Anita, and the Irish Gringo tells them that they now have a complete family. The Irish Gringo gives Jimmy the shirt with the map of the mine on it and the two men shake hands. The Gringo says goodbye to Carlotta, but she follows as the three men ride away. (V).
NoteInteriors were filmed at Bryan Foy Studios. The copyright date given on-screen is 1935, but it is not known whether the film was released. According to Hollywood Reporter 29/2/1936:8 creditors foreclosed on the negative. Motion Picture Herald 28/9/1935:349 reports that this was the first of a proposed six-film series starring Pat Carlyle, though it is not known whether these were ever made.
ReferenceAFI Cat 1931-1940:1037.
DistributorState Rights (USA)
Production creditsp.c: Keith Productions, p: Patrick Carlyle, William C Thompson, assoc. p:
P B Mahoney, I C Overdorff, d: Thompson, story: Patrick Petersalia,
Carlyle, Thompson, c: Bert Longnecker, m.p: Chito Montoya's Orchestra,
m/m.d: Manuela Budrow, dance d: Anthony De Marlo, s: Herbert Eicke,
p.m: Robert Farfan, USA distr: State Rights.
Genre/CategoryFeature Film Drama
KeywordsIrish Mexicans

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