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Film Details

Production companyWarner Bros Pictures Inc
Country of originUSA
DirectorCURTIZ, Michael
Script/AdaptationDOYLE, Laird
PhotographyHALLER, Ernest
EditingRICHARDS, Thomas
Art directionHAAS, Robert M.
Songs'There's a Cottage in Killarney' by Allie Wrubel, Mort Dixon
CastWilliam Powell (Captain Bill Tennant), Edna Best (Norah Kerr), Colin Clive (Andrew Kerr), Hobart Cavanaugh (Homer), Halliwell Hobbs (the general), Donald Crisp (Peadar Conlan), J M Kerrigan (O'Duffy), Henry O'Neill (Dan), Phil Regan (young Irishman who is killed by Andrew), Arthur Treacher (Lieutenant Merriman), Maxine Doyle (Pauline), Arthur Aylesworth (Kirby), Gertrude Short (barmaid). Dawn O'Day [later Anne Shiriey] (flower girl). Lew Kelly (angular man), Dixie Loftin (Irish woman), Olaf Hytten (1st regular), David Thursby (2nd regular), Robert Homans (bartender), Desmond Roberts (regular), John Elliott (Padre), James May (driver), Douglas Gordon (operator), Mary McLaren (streetwalker). Pat Somerset (Laramour), Wyndham Standing (officer), Ralph Remley (bartender), Aggie Herring, Katherine Clare Ward (flower girls), Charles Irwin (master of ceremonies), Lowin Cross (dispatch rider), Edward Cooper (Lloyd), Luke Cosgrove.
Release date1934
SummaryIn 1920 during the Irish War of Independence, Andrew Kerr, a member of the auxiliary police force, the Black and Tans, is concerned at its repressive activities as his mother was Irish. His wife, Norah, tells him that the issues in the war were more political than military. Bill Tennant, a British army regular officer, is posted to Dublin and takes accommodation in a flat in the same house as the Kerrs. Bill is invited to the Kerrs' and discovers that Norah is the same woman he was in love with years before, but whom he wouldn't marry as he didn't want to settle down. Distressed at his meeting with Norah, Bill goes to a dockside pub, where his uniform is noticed beneath his coat by O'Duffy, an IRA go-between, who gives him a password should he ever want to help the Irish cause. That night, Andrew is assigned to the dock area in search of IRA leader Peadar Conlan, who is on the run. Norah asks Andrew not to leave, and when her husband is absent she resumes her romance with Bill. When Andrew returns after his successful mission to capture Conlan, Norah tells him she knew Bill before and that she still loves him. Andrew runs into the street, is recognised as the man who captured Conlan, and is held hostage for Conlan's release. Norah realises that she really loves Andrew and that Bill is merely a romantic. When the British refuse to negotiate for Andrew's release. Bill uses the password given to him by O'Duffy to negotiate his release. Bill forges a letter of release which allows Conlan to escape. As a result. Bill is arrested, but Andrew and Norah are reunited. (V).
Note8 reels. USA Rel ca. 30/5/1934 (New York); 9/6/1934 (general
release). Re-issued in 1960 as HIGH PERIL. Note: Aka SUE OF FURY. The title was changed to HIGH PERIL when re-issued in 1960 to avoid confusion with the 1958 British film THE KEY (d: Carol Reed), which is a different story.
ReferenceDV 10/2/1934:2; DV 13/2/1934:3; DV 16/2/1934:4; DV 15/3/1934:2;
FD 31/5/1934:8; HR 13/2/1934:11; IPh Mar 1934:17; MPD 31/5/1934:11;
MPH 14/4/1934:36; MPH 26/5/1934:41; Var 5/6/1934:12.

API Cat 1931-1940:1090; MPG.
DistributorWarner Bros Pictures Inc
Vitaphone Corp
Production creditsp.c: Warner Bros Pictures Inc, super: Robert Presnell, d: Michael Curtiz, dial. d: Frank McDonald, sc: Laird Doyle from the play The Key by Robert Gore-Browne, Joseph Lee Hardy, (1st perf, London, 8/9/1933), c: Ernest Haller, 2nd c: Al Roberts, a.c: Martin Glouner, art d: Robert M Haas, ed: Thomas Richards, gowns: Orry-Kelly, Vitaphone Orchestra c: Leo F Forbstein, song: 'There's a Cottage in Killarney' by Allie Wrubel, Mort Dixon, tech. adv: Dr Thomas MacLaughlin, chief elec: Roy Thompson, chief grip: Dudley Slausson, props: Tom More, stills: John Ellis, USA distr: Warner Bros Pictures Inc; The Vitaphone Corp.
Genre/CategoryFeature Film Drama
Theatrical Adaptation
Historical Drama
KeywordsWar of Independence
Irish History
Black and Tans

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