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Film Details

Country of originUSA
ProducerHALL WINSLOW, Herbert
DirectorHALL WINSLOW, Herbert
PhotographyPRITCHARD, Walter T.
CastMicheal MacLiammoir (patriotic hero), Frank Hugh O'Connell (hero's
friend), Phyllis O'Hara (heroine), Tom Moran, Michael J Dolan, Eileen
Crowe, F J McCormick, Barry Fitzgerald, Maureen Delany.
Release date1925
NoteIR Rel 1/10/1925. Filmed in Ireland at Dublin, Killarney, Co Kerry, at Enniskerry, Powerscourt Waterfall, and other parts of Co Wicklow. The narrative of this film has not been determined. According to a letter from Micheal MacLiammoir to Anthony Slide (dated 10/9/1968, quoted in Slide 1988:18), the American company which made this film was headed by a Mr Sullivan. Slide also reports that Sean Hurley was the film's producer, but the production credits above are taken from the small number of 'trims' from the film which are at the Irish Film Archive. These also show scenes in Dublin and Wicklow. O'Laoghaire 1945:157 says that the cameraman had been one of D W Griffith's cameramen. The film's only known screening, and which may have been a 'rough cut' version of the film, was at the Grafton Cinema, Dublin on 1/10/1925. Never released in Ireland, it is believed that before its intended New York showing the negative was lost, or was stolen. This film marked the screen debut of Barry Fitzgerald. 'The first successful enterprise in the motion picture industry in Ireland... The most ambitious [film] yet attempted [in Ireland]. There is a complete absence of any of the stage Irishism common to all previous attempts at native picture-making. It is a splendid portrayal of modem Irish life and conditions of which no Irishman need be ashamed'. (EH 3/10/1925:6).
ReferenceBio 8/10/1925. O'Laoghaire 1945:148 (still).
Production creditspres: Transatlantic Pictures, p/sc: Herbert Hall Winslow, c: Walter T
Genre/CategoryFeature Film Drama

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