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Film Details

Production companyLubin Film Mfg Co
Country of originUSA
DirectorOLCOTT, Sidney
Script/AdaptationOLCOTT, Sidney
CastValentine Grant (Eileen Donaghue), Sidney Olcott, Pat O'Malley.
Release date1915
SummaryEileen Donaghue loves Myles Murphy, a match which is approved by Mrs Donaghue. Colonel Reid of the British Army employs an informer, Fagin, who has designs on Eileen, but Myles gives him a beating for his presumption. As a result, Fagin tells Reid that Myles is plotting against the Crown. Reid arrests Myles at Eileen's house and takes him to prison. Eileen goes to see Fr O'Flynn, who gets permission for Eileen and himself to see Myles in prison. During the meeting, Eileen surreptitiously passes a metal bar and rope to Myles. Myles uses the bar to loosen stones from the wall in his cell and effect his escape, knocking out a guard as he leaves. He slides down the rope and finds Eileen waiting for him. They are about to hurry away when a guard discovers them. The alarm is raised and Myles is pursued. On the run, he is hidden by Eileen and her mother in a hay cart. The bayonets of the soldiers are used to poke into the wagon and Myles barely escapes death. Finally, Eileen effects the escape and they go to where a ship has arrived from France with arms for the Irish rebels. Boarding the ship, Myles bids good-bye to Eileen and promises to send for her and her mother when he finds a haven in France. (Adapted from MPW 10/7/1915:370; Var 16/7/1915).
Note3 reels. USA Rel 14/7/1915. Exteriors were filmed in Ireland, including at Black Rock Castle, River Lee, and the Lakes of Killarney. It was the first film released following Olcott's final visit to Ireland.
ReferenceMPW 3/7/1915:29; 687; MPW 24/7/1915:667-8
Production creditsp.c: Lubin Film Mfg Co, d/sc: Sidney Olcott.
LocationBlue Rock Castle
River Lee
Genre/CategoryFilm Drama
KeywordsIrish Rebels
British Army
Irish History

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