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Film Details

Production companyGene Gauntier Feature Players
Country of originUSA
DirectorOLCOTT, Sidney
Script/AdaptationGAUNTIER, Gene
CastGene Gauntier, Jack Clark.
Release date1914
SummaryIn an inland village in Ireland, Jerry, the village blacksmith, toils so that he may wed Peggy O'Malley. Peggy's father, Michael, favours Jerry's suit but independently-minded Peggy takes passage on a steamer for America. Landing in New York, she secures a position as a parlour maid in a wealthy home. Peggy attends a dance, where she falls into bad company. Two weeks later Jerry reads in a New York paper, dropped by passing tourists, of Peggy's arrest for the theft of her mistress' diamond tiara. In another week he is by her side, and after a series of exciting adventures, causes the arrest of the real thieves, recovers the diamond hair ornament, and secures Peggy's release. Peggy marries Jerry, and returns with him to Ireland, where her father is waiting at his cottage for his runaway daughter. (Adapted from MPW 28/3/1914:1744).
Note3 reels. USA Rel Mar or Apr 1914. Partly filmed in Ireland. Gauntier formed her own production company after she and Olcott broke with Kalem in late 1912. In 1913 they visited Irish where at least two films, including this one, were made. The other film was FOR IRELAND'S SAKE (1914).
ReferenceMPW 4/4/1914:77; MPSM Feb 1914:59-66. KW 20/4/1939; TC Oct 1932:3.
DistributorWarner's Features Inc
Production creditsp.c: Gene Gauntier Feature Players, d: Sidney Olcott, sc: Gene Gauntier,
USA distr: Warner's Features Inc.
Genre/CategoryShort Film Drama
Crime Drama

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