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Film Details

Production companyKalem Co
Country of originUSA
ProducerOLCOTT, Sidney
DirectorOLCOTT, Sidney
PhotographyHOLLISTER, George
CastGene Gauntier (Lady Geraldine), Jack J Clark (Bryan O'Sullivan),
Helen Lindroth (Anna McCarthy), Robert G Vignola (Shamus O'Daly),
J P McGowan (the O'Rourke), George P Lester (Colonel Prestiss).
Release date1913
SummaryIn 16th-century Ireland, Bryan O'Sullivan, an Irish lad of humble birth, saves Lady Geraldine from drowning as her boat capsizes, thereby meriting her lasting gratitude. Forgetting his lowly station in life, Bryan falls in love with Lady Geraldine, who responds by flirting with him. Her acceptance of attentions from The O'Rourke, a nobleman, angers Bryan and he accuses her of falseness. The nobleman draws his sword, but Bryan wrenches it from his hand and breaks it in pieces. Knowing that he cannot remain in Ireland any longer, Bryan sends a message of farewell to Lady Geraldine and sails for America. Bryan changes his name to John Pierce, and his nationality to a Colonist of Jamestown, Virginia. Years later Lady Geraldine suffers many vicissitudes; her castle is besieged by Cromwellians and she with many others is sent to Jamestown to be sold to the colonists as wives. John Pierce is startled to see Lady Geraldine there, but she fails to recognise him because of a heavy beard. He saves her from the insults of a wife-buyer, and she, seeing that he is an honest man, offers to become his wife. He takes her to his cottage, and stepping into another room shaves off his beard. He then begins to play the flute. Lady Geraldine, who is about to end her lire, hears the music, and going to the door recognises John Pierce, her husband, as Bryan O'Sullivan, her lover. (Adapted from AKJ 27/3/1913:6; Bio 6/3/1913:xv; MPW 30/12/1912:1316).
NoteUSA Rel 10/1/1913; GB Rel 23/3/1913. Filmed in Ireland and USA (and possibly in part in England as well, as asserted in Kalem Kalender and elsewhere).
ReferenceKalem Kalender 16/12/1912:12; MPSM Feb 1913:42-53; MPW 4/1/1913.
Production creditsp.c: Kalem Co, p/d: Sidney Olcott, c: George Hollister.
Genre/CategoryShort Film Drama
Historical Drama
KeywordsRural Ireland
Irish History

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