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Film Details

Production companyKalem Co
Country of originUSA
ProducerOLCOTT, Sidney
DirectorOLCOTT, Sidney
Script/AdaptationGAUNTIER, Gene
PhotographyHOLLISTER, George
CastGene Gauntier (Ellen), Jack Clark (William, Lord of Rosna Hall), Alice Hollister.
Release date1912
SummaryA young aristocrat, William, disguised as a peasant, meets a young
countrywoman, Ellen. They fall in love and marry, but they leave her
area to seek their fortune elsewhere. Eventually, they come to a mansion
and to her surprise it transpires that he is Lord and now she is Lady of
Rosna Hall. (V).
NoteUSA Rel 4/3/1912; GB Rel 21/4/1912. The quotations marks are included in the extant film's title, thus directly quoting Moore's title, and its intertitles are composed of selected verses from Moore's poem, as Herbert Reynolds points out. The Kalem Kalender 12/2/1912:9 reprints Moore's poem. This film is often referred to in secondary sources as 'YOU'LL [sic] REMEMBER ELLEN', while O'Laoghaire, 1945:155, gives as the source "The Mayor of Ireland', a title which is not to be found amongst 'complete' editions of Thomas Moore's poetry consulted.
ReferenceBio ll/4/1912:xxiii; Kalem Kalender 12/2/1912:6-7, 9; MPW 2/3/1912:796.
Production creditsp.c: Kalem Co, p/d: Sidney Olcott, sc: Gene Gauntier from the poem 'You
Remember Ellen' by Thomas Moore, c: George Hollister.
Genre/CategoryShort Film Drama
Historical Drama
KeywordsRural Ireland
Irish History
Class Conflict

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