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Film Details

Production companyKalem Co
Country of originUSA
ProducerOLCOTT, Sidney
DirectorOLCOTT, Sidney
PhotographyHOLLISTER, George
CastGene Gauntier (Nell), Sidney Olcott (Tom), Jack J dark (the fiddler,
Nell's grandfather), Alice Hollister (Jane).
Release date1912
SummaryDuring a quarrel between wanderers Big Jim and his sweetheart Nell, Big Jim rushes away in a temper, leaving Nell with her grandfather, a fiddler. By contrast, Tom and Jane are due to marry soon, with Tom proudly showing Jane a bag containing his savings and telling her that it will not be long before they will be able to get a home. While walking along the road, Tom and Jane pass the old fiddler and his granddaughter. Seeing that Tom is attracted to her, Nell flirts with him. Later on, Tom returns to the camp of the vagabonds and becomes enraptured by Nell. That afternoon while the old fiddler is playing in front of the tavern, Tom watches Nell's every movement, much to Jane's displeasure. Tom is so beguiled by the dancer that he leaves Jane and follows Nell. Giving Nell the money he has saved, Tom begs to be allowed accompany them on their wanderings. Nell flatters him and takes his savings. Big Jim, who has got over his anger, returns to the camp and asks for an explanation for Tom's presence. Nell makes light of Tom and shows that she is only in love with Big Jim. Demanding a declaration from Nell, Tom is so shocked in his infatuation at her response that he loses his reason, wanders from the camp, and roams the fields throughout the night. The next morning Jane finds him, forgives her recreant lover, and they are reconciled. (Adapted from Kalem Kalender 12/1/1912:9).
NoteUSA Rel 9/2/1912. Almost certainly filmed in Ireland. According to Herbert Reynolds this is probably the release whose working title was THE IRISH BEGGAR MAID or THE BEGGAR'S MAID (as a still is captioned in MPW 6/7/1912:24) and is possibly also the film often cited in secondary sources by the names GIPSIES [sic] OF OLD IRELAND and THE GYPSIES IN IRELAND. Unpublished cast member Hollister has been identified by Reynolds in a publicity still for this film.
Production creditsp.c: Kalem Co, p/d: Sidney Olcott, c: George Hollister.
Genre/CategoryShort Film Drama
KeywordsRural Ireland

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