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Film Details

Production companyKalem Co
Country of originUSA
ProducerOLCOTT, Sidney
DirectorOLCOTT, Sidney
Script/AdaptationGAUNTIER, Gene
PhotographyHOLLISTER, George
CastJack Clark (Marty), Alice Hollister (Peggy, Marty's girlfriend), Sidney
Olcott (Father Falvey), J P McGowan (the major), Robert Vignola
(Michael Dee, the iNíormer).
Release date1912
SummaryDuring a rest at the harvest dance, Marty is requested to tell of the days when he was young. The Irishman consents and tells the following story: 'In those days we got our larnin' frum th' hedge school and whin I grew up, toimes bein' worse, like many another spalpeen I tuk to courtin'. Just about thin Lord Kilhannock, the divil take 'im, took to evictin' his penniless tenants by the way of a little divarsion. Con Hanley made a gallant run wid the news to Father Falvey His Riv'rince, attimtin' to protect the Morgans, was put under arresht for his trouble. Bein' a knowin' lad an' a number of the White Boys, I blew the hom as a signal to call the boys together, an' there in the glen we took on the rescue av th' holy man. T'was a grand place for the wurk, but it cost me dear. Wid' the Red Coats scourin' th' countryside. His Riv'rance lived for weeks on the food secretly passed him, in the cave where he was hidden. Rewards were posted ivrywhere. A dhirty agent named Michael Dee discovered the hiding place of His Riv'rance an' sold him to th' crown, but Peggy overheard a drunken soldier's boast, and very toimely too, brought the news, an' disguised, the good priest shipped to sea. He kissed the shore of his native isle and sailed him away to Ameriky. An' tho' Peggy dear served sivin long years, she's here hersilf to tell it''. (Kalem Kalender 15/11/1912:15). The film opens at a harvest dance in the present where an old man, Marty, is asked to tell of his youth. In flashback he tells of how in the mid-19th century a priest, Fr Falvey, gets into trouble for supporting penniless tenants who are about to be evicted by their landlord. It shows how the White Boys, a secret agrarian society, of which Marty is one, jump on a squad of redcoats and rescue the captured priest. He is hidden in a cave, but an informer, Michael Dee, discovers the hide-out and tells the military. A girl overhears that the cave is about to be raided and warns the priest. While the priest escapes to America, the girl is sentenced to seven years in jail for aiding his escape. The film concludes with Marty, who is now married to the jailed girl, announcing that she too is there to tell the story. (Adapted from MPW 28/12/1912:1291).
NoteUSA Rel 14/12/1912; IR Rel 24/2/1913. Filmed in Ireland, evidently during Gene Gauntier's brief returnn to the USA (hence her conspicuous absence from the published cast). The unverifiable title, IRELAND 50 YEARS AGO, may be the same film. AKJ 27/2/1913:1; Bio 7/12/1912; MPW 7/12/1912:1002.
ReferenceBio 7/9/1911:519; Bio 19/10/191 l:xvi; Kalem Kalender 1/9/1914:5 (reissue); MPW 29/8/1911:445-6; MPW 2/9/1911:637. Film User Sept 1958:386; S&S Oct/Dec 1953:96.
Production creditsp.c: Kalem Co, p/d: Sidney Olcott, sc: Gene Gauntier from the ballad and
novel Rory O'More by Samuel Lover (1836), later dramatised (1837),
c: George Hollister, scenic artist: Henry Allen Farnham.
Genre/CategoryShort Film Drama
Historical Drama
KeywordsIrish Patriots
Irish Rebels
Irish History

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