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Film Details

Production companyKalem Co
Country of originUSA
ProducerOLCOTT, Sidney
DirectorOLCOTT, Sidney
PhotographyHOLLISTER, George
CastGene Gauntier (Kathleen), Jack J Clark, Anna Clark, J P McGowan,
Alice Hollister.
Release date1912
SummaryKathleen tells Brian, her sweetheart, of her ambition to go to America. Her enthusiasm does not dim, but continues to grow, until her father is prevailed upon to supply funds to take her to the 'promised land'. Arriving in New York, Kathleen obtains a position in a sweatshop, where she remains until a strike is declared owing to a cut in wages. She next finds employment in a department store, but partly through homesickness and lack of proper food, she becomes ill and is discharged. Mrs Flynn, her landlady, calls in a doctor, who diagnoses her case as one of homesickness. Mrs Flynn insists that Kathleen take her savings to pay her passage back to Irish. Kathleen at first refuses, but Mrs Flynn forces the money into her hand. Kathleen is next seen on board a ship sailing for Irish. Arriving in her home village she is welcomed with open arms by her parents. Going down to the beach she finds Brian just coming in from a fishing trip. Brian's faithfulness is rewarded when Kathleen throws her arms around his neck and she promises him never to leave Ireland again. (Adapted from Kalem Kalender 19/1/1912:5).
NoteUSA Rel 14/2/1912; GB Rel 31/3/1912. Filmed in Ireland and USA. Slide, 1978:90, refers to this film as FAR FROM ERIN'S EYE [sic]. Unpublished cast members McGowan and Hollister have been identified by Herbert Reynolds in publicity stills for this film.
ReferenceBio 21/3/1912:xxviii; Kalem Kalender 19/1/1912:12-13; MPW 10/2/1912:510.
Production creditsp.c: Kalem Co, p/d: Sidney Olcott, c: George Hollister.
Genre/CategoryShort Film Drama
KeywordsIrish America
Sweat Shops

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