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Film Details

Production companyThanhouser Film Corp.
Country of originUSA
Release date1911
SummaryRobert Emmet, although he died at the age of 25, made a record that will always keep his memory green among his countrymen. From his boyhood his heart was set on freeing Irish from English rule. He entered Trinity College and made a brilliant name for himself there, but was expelled through the discovery of his affiliation with the United Irishmen. He spent several years in exile during which period he was received by Napoleon, whom he tried unsuccessfully to interest in the Irish cause. Returning to his native land, he headed an uprising that failed. He escaped with several of his followers, but despite their protests returned to see his sweetheart, Sarah Curran, and was captured by the British soldiers. While in prison he shielded Sarah from the prying authorities, and offered to plead guilty if she was not subject to official annoyance. Despite all efforts to save him, he was executed in Dublin. The pathetic love story of Emmet and Sarah Curran is a page of history that will never be forgotten by their countrymen. (MPW 18/3/1911:608). The film tells the life story of the Irish patriot - of his College days and his love for Sarah Curran, his ardent advocation of 'free Ireland', his expulsion from college, and his journey to ask for Napoleon's aid. Finding that aid refused. Emmet returns to Ireland, where with a few followers he attacks Dublin Castle. He is defeated and forced to hide, until, growing tired of inaction, he leaves his place of concealment and visits his sweetheart, but is captured at her house. His trial follows, and death for high treason is the condemnation. (Bio 30/11/191 l:iii).
NoteUSA Rel 13/12/1911; GB Rel 13/12/1911. Robert Emmet (1778-1803) led an assault of about 100 men on Dublin Castle, but failed to capture the headquarters of British administration in Ireland. The 1803 Rebellion lasted only one day, 23 July 1803. Refusing to leave Dublin until he met his fiancee, Sarah Curran, Emmet was captured at Harold's Cross on 25 August. He was executed on 20 September. The film may have been derived from, or inspired by, Dion Boucicault's play Robert Emmet (1 perf, 4/11/1884, London; 2 perf, 5/11/1884, Chicago; publ. New York: Samuel French, Standard Acting Drama, No. 295, n.d.). See also IRELAND A NATION (USA 1914), BOLD EMMET, IRELAND'S MARTYR (USA 1915) and ANNE DEVLIN (Irl 1984).
Production creditsp.c: Thanhouser Film Corp.
Genre/CategoryShort Film Drama
Historical Drama
KeywordsIrish Patriots
Irish History
PeopleRobert Emmet

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