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Film Details

Production companyKalem Co
Country of originUSA
ProducerOLCOTT, Sidney
DirectorOLCOTT, Sidney
PhotographyHOLLISTER, George
CastGene Gauntier, Jack J Clark, Arthur Donaldson, Sidney Olcott.
Release date1911
SummaryKathleen, daughter of an Irish fisherman, meets Henry Rhodes, the son of a New York broker, who is on a tour through Irish. On his way from the beach, Kathleen's father sees the two embrace. When she returns home, he upbraids her and tells her that she must have nothing to do with the stranger, that he is far above her in worldly station, and that their acquaintance can come to no good end. She becomes angry, and decides to go to America and search out her American sweetheart. She is then seen in the rear of a steamer as she gets a last glimpse of her home. Arriving in New York she searches for Henry without success. As night approaches she becomes exhausted and sits down on the steps of a house. She is found there by a policeman, who takes her to his own home and places her in the care of his wife. The next morning Henry reads in his newspaper the story of Kathleen, the Irish girl who has come in search of her American lover. Hastily leaving the table, he goes to the home of the policeman, and asks to see Kathleen. On her appearance he explains that their association in Irish was merely a summer flirtation, a revelation she finds crushing. Henry forces a roll of dollar bills in the hands of the policeman, and tells him to pay her passage back to Ireland. A chastened Kathleen is next seen winding her way up the village street to her family's home. Entering the door with her head bowed in sorrow, she is welcomed by her parents. (Adapted from MPW 11/11/1911:494; Bio 4/l/1912:xi).
NoteUSA Rel 17/11/1911. Possibly filmed in part at Ballydavid, Co Kerry. Slide, Vision, Spring 1967, refers to this film as THE FISHERMEN [sic] OF BALLYDAVID. A non-fiction subject, AMONG THE IRISH FISHER FOLK, p/d: Sidney Olcott, ca. 600 ft, and issued in a split-reel with CORPUS CHRISTI CELEBRATION AT KILLARNEY, ca. 400 ft, (USA Rel 29/11/1911), may also have been filmed around the fishing village of Ballydavid on the Dingle Peninsula. Slide, 1978:90-1, apparently refers to the CORPUS CHRISTI film as THE FRANCISCAN FRIARS OF KILLARNEY. The Irish Film Archive holds a VHS Copy of this film.
ReferenceTalbot Tatler/1/1912:60.
DistributorBradbury Films, Belfast (IE)
Production creditsp.c: Kalem Co, p/d: Sidney Olcott, c: George Hollister.
Genre/CategoryShort Film Drama
KeywordsClass Conflict
Irish America

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