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Film Details

Production companyUlysses Film Production Ltd
Hanseat Productions
Radio Telefís Éireann
Country of originGreat Britain
ProducerSTRICK, Joseph
DirectorSTRICK, Joseph
Script/AdaptationRASCOE, Judith
PhotographyHETHERINGTON, Stuart
BOYD, Robin
Sound recordingHAYES, Pat
EditingWALKER, Lesley
Costume designDOLAN, Judith
Associate producerBOTLEY, Betty
Music composerMYERS, Stanley
CastBosco Hogan (Stephen Dedalus), T P McKenna (Simon Dedalus), John Gielgud (the preacher), Rosaleen Linehan (Mrs May Dedalus), Maureen Potter (Dante), Niall Buggy (Davin), Brian Murray (Lynch), Desmond Cave (Cranly), Leslie Lalor (Milly), Desmond Perry (Mr Casey), Susan Fitzgerald (Emma Daniels), Luke Johnston (Stephen, aged 10), Terence Strick (Stephen, aged 3), Danny Figgis (Wells), Cecil Sheehan (Uncle Charles), Edward Golden (Father Conmee), Bill Foley (coNíessor), David Kelly (Dean of Studies), Edward Byrne (teacher). Emmet Bergin (Father Dolan), Aiden Grennell (Father Amall), Danny Cummins (drinker), Chris Curran (auctioneer), Brendan Cauldwell (Father Michael), Brendan Cauldwell, Eamon Kelly, Anna Manahan, Maureen Toal, Jacinta Martin, Chris O'Neill, Brenda Doyle, Deirdre Donnelly (adults), Dominick Burdick, Gary Burdick, Lucy Burdick, Linus Burdick, Ashling Burdick, Katy Burdick, Tieman Quinn, Sean Pilkington, Kenneth Joyce, Joan Hayes, James Lennon, John Hayes, Ronan Donelon, lan Branagan, Helen Strick, Terence Strick (children), Choir of Christchurch Cathedral, Oxford.
Release date1977
SummaryIn Dublin in 1885, Stephen Dedalus as a child is told stories about Ireland by his father, Simon, against the background of Charles Stuart Pamell's campaign for Home Rule. In 1891, ten-year-old Stephen is at the Jesuit boarding school, Clongowes Wood College, where he is pushed into a stream because he will not swap a snuff-box for a conker. Later he suffers from 'inflammation of the brain'. At Christmas dinner with his parents, his father, Simon, engages in a heated debate with the III conservative Catholic, Dante, about Pamell's downfall following the revelation of his affair with Kitty O'Shea. The row culminates with the triumphalist Dante storming from the room. At school, Stephen is treated with respect by his fellow students when he challenges the authoritarian Fr Amall, whose spectacles he accidentally broke, and is punished as a result. The family's fortunes decline, and Simon is obliged to move his family from middle-class comfort to more shabby accommodation. Simon secretly sells furniture and later takes Stephen to the auction of the contents of a house he owns in Cork. Stephen is removed from Clongowes and is enrolled as a day pupil at Belvedere College, Dublin. Stephen becomes a seas brilliant prize-winning student, later gaining a scholarship to university. He attends brothels, though this engineers feelings of guilt in him, which are exacerbated when he hears a sermon about damnation during a school retreat. When he goes to confession, his guilt is alleviated. Stephen teaches children and considers, and then rejects, the possibility of studying for the priesthood. At University College, Dublin he expresses his contempt for Catholicism and the political betrayal by the Catholic Church of Ireland national aspirations. He lectures his friend Lynch on aesthetics and disturbs Cranly, a devout Catholic, with his refusal to worship at Easter. By now increasingly confident of his view of the world, he meets an old friend, Emma Daniels, whom he tells that his writing is beginning to be published and that he is about to migrate to Paris to continue his work. (V).
NoteFilmed on location in Ireland. Sound re-recorded at EMI Elstree
Studios, Borehamwood, England.
ReferenceMFB 1977:238.
DistributorAcademy (GB)
Production creditsp.c: Ulysses Film Production Ltd. A Hanseat Production in co-operation with Radio Telefís Éireann, p/d: Joseph Strick, assoc. p: Betty Botley, Richard Hallinan, sc: Judith Rascoe from the novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce (London: Ben Huebsh, 1916), dop: Stuart Hetherington, a.c: Robin Boyd, a.d: Barry Blackmore, Maire Mooney, ed: Lesley Walker, a. ed: Susan Kingsley, m/m.d: Stanley Myers, s: Pat Hayes, Pat Johns, s. re-rd: Bill Rowe, s. effs: Jeremy Strick, props: Josie MacAvin, set d: Wendy Shea, elec: Paddy McDowell, cost: Judith Dolan, make-up: Toni Delany, hair: Joanna Lennox, GB distr: Academy.
Genre/CategoryFeature Film Drama
Literary Adaptation
Period Drama
'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' (Novel)
Irish History
Irish Politics

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