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Film Details

Production companyUlysses Film Production Ltd
Walter Reade Jr - Joseph Strick Productions
Country of originGreat Britain
ProducerSTRICK, Joseph
DirectorSTRICK, Joseph
Script/AdaptationSTRICK, Joseph
PhotographySUSCHITSKY, Wolfgang
EditingMILLS, Reginald
Art directionPROBST, Graham
Executive producerREADE JR., Walter
Associate producerHAINES, Fred
Music composerMYERS, Stanley
CastMilo O'Shea (Leopold Bloom), Barbara Jefford (Molly Bloom), Maurice Roeves (Stephen Dedalus), T P McKenna (Buck Mulligan), Anna Manahan (Bella Cohen), Maureen Potter (Josie Breen), Martin Dempsey (Simon Dedalus), Sheila O'Sullivan (May Goulding Dedalus), Graham Lines (Haines), Joe Lynch (Blazes Boylan), Fionnuala Flanagan (Gerty McDowell), Maire Hastings (Mary Driscoll), Geoffrey Golden (the citi- zen), David Kelly (Garrett Deasy), Maureen Toal (Zoe Higgins), 0 Z Whitehead (Alexander J Dowie), Chris Curran (Myles Crawford), Edward Golden (Martin Cunningham), Desmond Perry (Bantam Lyons), Rosaleen Linehan (nurse Callan), James Bartley (Private Carr), Colin Bird (Private Compton), Robert Carlisle Jr (Doctor Dixon), Brendan Cauldwell (Bob Doran), May Cluskey (Mrs Yelverton Barry), Leon Collins (Lynch), Danny Cummins (the drinker). Tony Doyle (Lieutenant Gardner), Meryl Gourly (Mrs Mervyn Talboys), Des Keogh (Joe Hynes), Eugene Lambert (Costello), Pamela Mant (Kitty), John Molloy (Corny Kelleher), Clare Mullen (Rorry), Ruadhan Neeson (Cyril Sergent), Jack Plant (Denis Breen), Deny Power, Lilian Rapple, Charlie Roberts, Paddy Roche (Madden), Ann Rowan (Mrs Bellingham), Cecil Sheridan (John Henry Manton), Robert Somerset (Lenehan), Biddy White-Lennon (Cissy Caffrey), Ritchie Stewart, Frank Bailey, Barry Cassin, Brenda Doyle, Don Tom Irwinas MacAnna, Peter Mayock, Pauline Melville, Maire NĂ­ Ghrainne, Cecil Sheehan.
Release date1967
SummaryIn early-moming Dublin, Stephen Dedalus, a young poet and teacher, awakens at the Martello Tower, Sandycove, where he is staying with his boisterous friend Buck Mulligan, and Englishman Haines. In the city, Leopold Bloom, a Jew, who is an advertising agent for a newspaper, brings breakfast in bed to his wife Molly. Molly receives a letter from Blazes Boylan, a promoter of prize fights and concert tours, who is also her lover. Bloom is aware of Molly's relationship with Boylan, but since the death of their son Rudy eleven years earlier he is unable to satisfy her sexually. Bloom remembers again his dead son when he is in a funeral cortege to Glasnevin Cemetery with Simon Dedalus, Stephen's father, and they see Stephen on the beach. While Bloom is having lunch in a pub he becomes involved in an argument with a one-eyed Jew-baiter about his nationality. Bloom meets Stephen in the medical students' lounge of a hospital. Stephen is drunk and Bloom follows him to the city's red light district, the Monto. At Bella Cohen's brothel. Bloom is overwhelmed by fantasies in which he is the Lord Mayor of Dublin, an Oriental ruler, the victim of a Jew-hating judge, and a woman persecuted by Bella. After they leave the brothel, Bloom takes Stephen to his house and the two men talk until dawn. Stephen leaves the house and Bloom goes to bed after telling Molly to get his breakfast in the morning. While Bloom sleeps, Molly lies awake thinking of Boylan, of a possible affair with Stephen, and of Bloom and the day he proposed to her. (V).
NoteGB Rel ca. Mar 1967; USA Rel 14/3/1967 (New York). Filmed on location in Dublin. This film was banned by the Official Film Censor in Ireland in 1967. When re-submitted to the censor in 1974 the ban was renewed. Both MFB 1967:137 and AFI Catalog 7967-7970:1156 identify Wilfrid Eades as well as Fred Haines as associate producer of this film, though Eades' name does not appear in the on-screen credits of the version of this film seen by the editor.
ReferenceBNFC Vol. 5, 1967; Chaplin No. 3, Sept 1959:100-101; DC No. 9374,
31/5/1967:6; DC No. 9435,8/10/1967:18; DC No. 9444, 8/11/1967:10; DC No. 9447, 15/11/1967:12; Film No. 959, 23/5/1967:3; Film (BFFS) No. 49, Autumn 1967:23-26; FD Vol. 130, No. 50, 15/3/1967:4; FD Vol. 131, No. 33, 18/8/1967:1, 4; F&F Vol. 13, No. 11, Aug 1967:21; Films in Review Vol. 18, No. 4, Apr 0:236-238; Greater Amusements Apr 1967:11; HR Vol. 195, No. 40,10/5/1967:3; KW No. 3112, 3/6/1967:10; KW No. 3135, 11/11/1967:12; MFB Vol. 34, No. 404, Sept 1967:137;
MPH Vol. 237, No. 13, 29/3/1967:670; S&S Spring 1967:100; S&S Summer 1967:144; Var 15/3/1967:6. Gifford 13730: Mar 1967; MPG.
DistributorBritish Lion Film Corporation (GB)
Continental Distributing Inc. (USA)
Production creditsp.c: Ulysses Film Production Ltd. A Walter Reade Jr-Joseph Strick Production, p/d: Joseph Strick, exec. p: Walter Reade Jr, assoc. p: Fred Haines, sc: Strick, Haines from the novel Ulysses by James Joyce (Paris, 1922), sc. cnslt: Sidney Meyers, light, c: Wolfgang Suschitzky, c. op: Seamus Corcoran, art d: Graham Probst, p.m: Pat Green, a.d: Dennis Robertson, ed: Reginald Mills, m/m.c: Stanley Myers, s. mix: Christian Wangler, s. ed: Kevin Connor, a. ed: John Rushton, p.a: Betty Botley, loc. liaison: Kevin Fitzsimons, ward: Betty Lang, co-ord: Ralph Desiderio, GB distr: British Lion Film Corporation; USA distr: Continental Distributing, Inc.
LocationDublin City
LightingSUSCHITSKY, Wolfgang
Genre/CategoryFeature Film Drama
Literary Adaptation
Keywords'Ulysses' (Novel)

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