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Film Details

Production companyFubar Films
SponsorMedia II Programe of the European Union
Bórd Scánnán na hEireann/Irish Film Board
Country of originIreland
ProducerBERGIN, Fiona
DirectorCONNOLLY, Fintan
Script/AdaptationCONNOLLY, Fintan
PhotographyMcPOLIN, Owen
Sound recordingO'CONNOR, Aidan
EditingNOLAN, Mark
Production designKINGSTON, Stephen
Music performanceIrish Film Orchestra
written and performed by DJ Sardino, Mofo Music by U2, Lyrics by Bono and The Edge, from the album Pop (c) 1997 Polygram International Music
'The Fly' written by U2 from the album Achtung Baby
(c) Island Records Ltd
Say Hello written and performed by Paddy Meegan
'Them Ghosts do Come Words' by Eamon Dowo, music by Dowo/Loughman/Steen - performed by the Swinging Swine
CastDavid Murray (Jack), Isabelle Menke (Isabelle), David Wilmot (Des), Gerard Manix Flynn (Mulligan), Catherine Punch (Alice), Alan Devlin (Pop Devlin), Aaron Harris (Gerry Murphy), Maria Lennon (Kay), Alan Devine (Barry), Vincent McCabe (taxi driver), Joe Hanley (barman), Patrick Leech (undercover garda), Frank McDonald (wino), Sinead Murphy (Vera), Michael West (Doctor Gorman), Julie Hale (Isabelle's friend), Shane O'Neill (clubber), Sean Brewster (Simon), Steven Kingston (Liam), Roisin Loughrey (florist), John Campion (pub poet), Tony Kenny (Tony), Oonagh Smyth (pizza girl), Philip Judge (stressed executive) Connor Kenny (Flick's pal), Anna Loise Plowman (Pop's woman), Alan McNamara, Kevin Ryan, Brian Madden, Ciaran ring (Cronies), Ben Donegan, Susan Mythan, Jonathan Ryder, Gary Mullan, Peter Mahony (gardai), Avril Hoare (news reader), Chris Barry (talk show host)
SoundDolby Stereo
Release date1999
SummarySmalltime middle class drug dealer Jack meets his partner Des at Dublin airport when he brings in ten kilos of Moroccan hashish. To Jack's annoyance, Des has invited to his house Barry, nephew of major underworld figure Pop Devlin, who later meets the pair with a view of funding larger shipments of drugs. The meeting also draws them to the attention of the police. Later, Jack spends the night with German painter Isabelle. When he returns to his girlfriend Alice, they both realise that their relationship is over. Des, who has begun using harder drugs, falls foul of Devlin's gang who think he has supplied information about them to the police and is beaten up. When they come for Jack he manages to escape, only to be kidnapped later while with Isabelle. In this dangerous world, only the police can rescue him. In the end, Jack leaves with Isabelle for the quieter west of Ireland.
NoteThe IFA holds a promo for this film on VHS. Screened at the 12th Galway Film Fleadh, 11-16 July 2000. Screened at the 44 Cork Film Festival, 10 -17 October, 1999.
ReferenceIrish Times (Sound and Vision), 22/10/99:13, ‘The sickness of the city’, review of Flick at the Cork Film Festival screening (Hugh Linehan).

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Four New Irish films lead a strong field for this year's Galway Film Fleadh, which opens on July 11th

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Sunday Independent, 13/08/00:2, ‘Remembering Dublin city in the real new times’, interview with Irish director Fintan Connolly. He talks about basing his debut feature Flick on his own experiences of Dublin. He talks about his early career making documentaries for RTE (Ciara Dwyer).

Film Ireland, Aug/Sep 2000:22-23, ‘Eighteen days’, Irish director Fintan Connolly writes about the making of his debut feature film Flick (Fintan Connolly).

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Irish Times (Sound and Vision), 08/09/00:13, ‘No budget, no strings, some movie’, interview with Irish director Fintan Connolly. He talks about making his debut feature film Flick (Hugh Linehan).

Sunday Times (Culture), 10/09/00:29, Culture Ireland, short synopsis of Flick from the listings pages.

Production notes for Flick (08/09/00). Notes include: Short synopsis, long synopsis, about the production, interview with Fintan Connolly, about the cast, about the filmmakers, cast list , crew list.

Dublin Event Guide, 13-26/09/00:4, ‘Interview. Flick’, short interview with Irish director Fintan Connolly and Irish producer Fiona Bergin on their feature film Flick.

Irish Times (Weekend), 07/10/00:4, ‘Reel News: Hello Angels’, Flick has been selected for the European Film Showcase in the AFI Fest in Los Angeles (Hugh Linehan).

In Dublin, Vol 25 No 19, 21/09/00-04/10/00:22-23, ‘False dawns and new beginnings’, an analysis of locally-produced films that examines whether the Irish film industry should re-think its agenda (Declan Burke).

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In Production, October 2003 Volume 6 Number 5:19, Box Office Figures for Irish and Irish Interest films from 1999 to 2003 (to date).
Production creditsp.c.: Fubar Films, spon: Bord Scannan na hEireann/The Irish Film Board, p: Fiona Bergin, d/sc: Fintan Connolly, light. c.: Owen McPolin, ed: Mark Nolan, m: Niall Byrne, p.dsgn.: Steven Kingston, Sean Molony, cast: Gillian Reynolds, s: Aidan O'Connor, dub.mix: Bobby O'Reilly, Locky Butler, a.d.: Yvonne Murtagh, Norberto Rivero-Sanz, Kean Dermody, make-up: Martina Byrne, c.a.: Stephen Murphy, clapper loaders: Anne Boyle, Paddy McCabe, c.trainees: Joe Carson, Pat Nangle, gaffer: Howard Gibson Steele, best boy: David Holland, stills ph: Alan English, boom swinger: James Phelan, traffic master: Barry Moriarty, legal services: Eddie McGarr, Taylor and Buchaltar, p.accnt: David Isaacson, insurance:Robertson Taylor, couriers: TNT, camera and lenses: VFG, lighting: Cine Electric, film stock: Kodak, editing facilities: Red, s.mix: The Farm, laboratory: Metrocolor, lab contact: David Kelly, grader: Trevor Batt, neg.cutter: Mike Frasers, opticals: Howell Opticals, titles: Jim Fleming, original score mastered at Westland Studios, music engnr: Bill Somerville Large, assistant engnr: David Slevin, orchestral management: Catriona Walsh, perf by Irish Film Orchestras, principal violinist: Alan Smale, flautist: Ann O'Bradin, trumpet: Davy Martin. We would like to thank: Susan Bergin, John and Marie Bergin, Fintan and Norah Connolly,Michael and Deirdre Connolly and Kit Connolly, Rod Stoneman, Maurice Healy, Gaby Prekop, Wojciech Marczewski, Marina Hughes, Anna Devlin, Anthony Keane, Suzanne O'Dea, Larry Mullen, Joan Bergin, Len Brown, Mick Mason, Michael Holland, Michael O'Toole, Addie Cullen, Dave Byrne, Cathy Peyton, Robert Pendelton, Jane Dalton, Oisin McGreal, Sarah Armstrong, Eoin Foyle, Harry Allen, Martin McCann, Lorraine Breslan, Nicholas O'Neill, Simon Walker, Cyane Kingston, Jeremy Massey, Hilary Dully, Joe Comeford, Kevin Lynch, Anne Butler, Dana Winder, Nicola Byrne, Eda Smyth, Marie Louise Kenny, a. thanks: Aer Rianta, RI-RA, Grogan's, Odeon, Jury's, Saint Bricin's Hospital, Temple Bar Music Centre, Screen Training Ireland. Developed through Sources 2 an initiative of the Media II programme of the European Union. Completed with the assistance of Borb Scannan na hEireann/The Irish Film Board. Dedicated in loving memory of our good friend Conor Kenny. The Story, all names, characters and incidents portrayed in this production are entirely fictitious. No identification with actual persons, buildings and products is intended or should be Inferred.
LocationDublin City
RightsCopyright 1999 Fubar Limited
Fubar Films Ltd.
17 Upper Baggot St., Dublin 4
Tel: +353 1 6671344
LightingMCPOLIN, Owen
Genre/CategoryFeature Film Drama
Urban Drama
KeywordsDrug dealing
Working Class Communities

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