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Film Details

Production companyMerlin Films
J&M Entertainment Productions
SponsorBórd Scánnán na hEireann/Irish Film Board
Country of originIreland
Great Britain
ProducerBOORMAN, John
DirectorBOORMAN, John
Script/AdaptationBOORMAN, John
PhotographyDEASY, Seamus
Sound recordingDEASY, Brendan
EditingDAVIS, Ron
Production designWALLACE, Derek
Costume designPATERSON, Maeve
Executive producerCORRIGAN, Kieran
Pettitte, P.J.
DAVIS, Betsy
Music composerBUCKLEY, Richie
Music performanceBUCKLEY, Richie (SolO'Saxophone)
MORRISON, Van (Harmonica/Vocals)
KING, Philip (Harmonica)
BUCKLEY, Dick (Baritone Saxphone)
Wind Machine (Brass Section)
McALEER, Paul (Drums)
REILLY, Bernard (percussion)
CONNOR, , Brian
McGLYNN, Arty (Guitars)
CastBrendan Gleeson (Martin Cahill), Adrian Dunbar (Noel Curley), Sean McGinley (Gary), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Frances), Angeline Ball (Tina), Jon Voight (Inspector Ned Kenny), Eanna MacLiam (Jimmy), Tom Murphy (Willie Byrne), Paul Hickey (Anthony), Tommy O'Neill (Paddy), John O'Toole (Shea), Ciaran Fitzgerald (Tommy), Ned Dennehy (Gey), Vinnie Murphy (Harry), Roxanna Williams (Orla), Pat Laffan (Higgins), Eamon Owens (young Martin Cahill), Colleen O'Neill (Patricia), Maebh Gorby (Sylvie), Frank Melia (Lawless), Ronan Wilmot (James Donovan), Lynn Cahill (arcade woman), David Wilmot (assassin), Stephen Brennan (Arthur Ryan), Don Wicherley (Henry Mackie), Kevin Flood (judge), Pat Kinevan (desk guard), Barry McGovern (IRA leader), Pat Leavy (Mrs Duggan), Neile Conroy (Maeve), Peter Hugo Daly (Beavis), Aoife Moriarity (young Frances), Brendan Coyle (UVF leader), Jim Sheridan (CPAD leader), Gavin Kelty (young Hood No. 1), Owen O'Neill (revenue man), David Carey (revenue man),Niamh Lineham (reporter), Jason Byrne (reporter), Ann Doyle (TV newsreader), Darragh Kelly (young detective), Des O'Malley (himself).
SoundDolby Stereo
Release date1998
TX date11/08/2005
SummaryDublin, August 1994. Upon leaving his home, Martin Cahill (aka 'The General'), is shot dead by an IRA gunman. Flashbacks show Cahill's formative years, on the Hollyfield estate, where he grew into an expert cat-burgler, always one step ahead of police inspector Ned Kenny. Cahill refuses to leave the estate even when it is bulldozed around him, but eventually he moves to Rathmines. Cahill marries and raises a family with his childhood sweetheart Frances, but he also carries on (with Frances' consent) a long-standing affair with her sister Tina. With his gang, including Noel, Gary, Harry and Gay, in tow Cahill stages a daring raid on a wholesale jewellers. The IRA learns of the robbery and demands a 50 per cent cut of the proceeds, but Cahill refuses to agree. Emboldened by success, Cahill's team steal a priceless hoard of paintings from the Beit family collection. By now the police have him under constant surveillance and the only buyers for the haul are the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). When word leaks out that Cahill has been dealing with the UVF, he is regarded as a traitor by the IRA while also coming under increasing police surveillance. When his gang disintegrates, Cahill becomes paranoid and isolated. On the morning of his death, he finds that the police cordon around his house has been removed and he walks unguarded towards his car and death.
ReferenceS&S 1998 6:44

Publicity: synopsis, production information, filmmaker and cast biographies, cast and credits lists, director John Boorman's personal account of making The General. Held at the Tiernan MacBride Lirary of the Irish Film Institute.

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Sunday Business Post, 29/3/98:52, ‘Getting in on the film act’, former secretary of the Department of Enterprise Kevin Bonner invited to join the board of Merlin Films by John Boorman, director of The General (Damien Kiberd).

Irish Times (Weekend), 11/4/98:16, ‘General release’, article on three films made on the life of Martin Cahill, including John Boorman's The General (Hugh Linehan).

Irish Times, 17/4/98, ‘New Lolita passed without cuts’, film censor Sheamus Smith passes John Boorman's The General uncut and with Over-15 certificate.

Sunday Business Post, 19/4/98:40, ‘So maybe crime does pay’, John Boorman's film about Martin Cahill I Once Had A Life (later named The General) selected for the Palme D'Or at Cannes (Damien Kiberd).

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Sunday Independent, 26/4/98:11L, ‘The battle of the Generals’, report of the cinematic battle between Martin Cahill biopics - John Boorman's The General, Thaddeus O'Sullivan's Ordinary Decent Criminal and David Blair's Cast A Cold Eye (Michael Sheridan).

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Tribune Magazine, 17/5/98:4-5, ‘Black-and-white gold’, review of The General, and pre-Cannes interview with director John Boorman about the production of the film (Ciaran Carty).

Ireland on Sunday, 17/5/98:12, ‘Focus: Glamourising Crime’, feature on different aspects of the film the General - Brendan Gleeson and John Boorman quoted, the portrayal of Cahill opposed to real life and small article on other criminals portrayed in films (Kevin MacDermot).

Ireland on Sunday, 17/5/98:13, ‘Film is repulsive, Cahill victim says’, victim of attack critical of film The General and the portrayal of Martin Cahill (John Mooney).

Ireland on Sunday, 17/5/98:13, ‘Just a bully boy’, analysis of Martin Cahill's life, and criticism of his portrayal in John Boorman's film The General (John Mooney).

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Sunday Tribune, 24/5/98:3, ‘General movies row annoys victims of Cahill’,
legal rows involving John Boorman's film The General (Maeve Sheehan).

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(Richard Williams).

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(Ciaran Carty).

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(Louise East).

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DistributorWarner Brothers Distributors (UK)
Production creditsp.c.: Merlin Films in Association with J&M Entertainment Productions, p/d: John Boorman, sc: Boorman, based on thebook by Paul Williams, dop: Seamus Deasy, ed: Ron Davis, p.d.: Derek Wallace, m: Richie Buckley, exec.p.: Kieran Corrigan, co-exec.p: P.J. Pettitte, Betsy Davis, Carol Moorhead, : Joe Homewood, loc.m.: Mick Walsh, assistant directors: Kevan Barker, Paul Barnes, Paddy McCarney, sc.super: Laerke Sigfred Petersen, casting d: Jina Jay, c.op.s: Seamus DEASY, Seamus Corcoran, Cedric Culleton (video), Stedicam op.s: Alf Tramontin, Roger Tooley, sp.effs.: Team FX, Paintings: Jill Andrea Reid, Draftsman: Jim Furlong, a. Drafting: Brendan Rankin, cost: Maeve Paterson, ward Mistress: Margaret Crosse, Head make-up artist: Maire O'Sullivan, Head hair: Orla Carroll, Titles/Optical/digital effects: General Screen Enterprises, musians: Richie Buckley (solo Saxophone), Van Morrison (Harmonica/Vocals), Mick Kinsella, Philip King (Harmonica), Dick Buckley (Baritone Saxphone), Wind Machine (Brass Section), Paul McAleer (Drums), Bernard Reilly (percussion), Brian Connor, Pat Fitzpatrick (Piano), Robbie Overson, Arty McGlynn (guitars), m.super: Brian Masterson, music p: Philip King, music co-ord.: Sarah Power, recording engnr: Brian Masterson, soundtrack: It Once Was MY Life', 'So Quiet in Here' by/performed by Van Morrison; 'Don't Fence Me In' by Cole Porter, performed by Brendan Gleeson. s: Brendan Deasy, s.mixs: Douglas e. Turner, John Fitzgerald, Sound re.rd.: Michell Cunliffe, Dubbing eds: Joe Gilmore, Paddy Gibbons, ADR s: Pat Hayes, Foley art.: Jenny Lee Wright, Pauline Griffiths, mixer: Edward Coyler, ed: Ted Mason, stunt cnslt: Dominic Hewitt, armourer: John McKenna, Helicopter Pilot: John O'Sullivan.
LocationDublin City
RightsMerlin Films
Tel: + 353 1 676 4373
Fax: + 353 1 676 4368
Sales Agent : J&M Entertainment Tel : 44-171-7236544 Fax : 44-171-7247541
Genre/CategoryGangster Film
Crime Film
KeywordsMartin Cahill
Dublin gangsters
Ulster Volunteer Force
Beit family
Working Class Communities

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