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Film Details

Production companyTreasure Films
Country of originIreland
ProducerWALPOLE, Robert
DirectorBREATHNACH, Paddy
Script/AdaptationO'CONNOR, Joesph
PhotographyDE BUITLEAR, Cian
Sound recordingWILLIS, Simon
Production designO'NEILL, Padraig
Music composerMARIANELLI, Dario
CastNiall O'Brien (Ray priest), Phelim Drew (hitch-hiker), Anne Kent,
Frankie McCafferty, Vinny Murphy.
Release date1995
SummaryDriving through the night after leaving his wife, Ray Priest picks up a mysterious young hitch-hiker and embarks on a journey into the unknown. Ray Priest leaves his wife, Maria, after they row at a family wedding. As he drives into the night he picks up a young hitch-hiker. The hitch-hiker is a mysterious character, sometimes menacing, sometimes acting as confidant, allowing Ray to explore his relationship with his family. When the car runs out of petrol they must walk to a nearby garage. Ray's vulnerability becomes evident as they walk through a forest in the dark. In a terrifying moment some farmers mistake them for two runaway convicts. Ray escapes, leaving the mysterious hitch-hiker and his nightmare world behind. His Odyssey leads him back to the hotel and Marie where he begins to rediscover love, which the hitch-hiker has told him, 'is a home, an inside to our lives.'
NoteIR Rel 13/3/1995 (Dublin Film Festival).
ReferenceFI No. 49, Oct-Nov 1995:31.
DistributorTreasure Films
Production creditsp.c: Treasure Films, p: Robert Walpole, Sophie Loughnane, d: Paddy
Breathnach, sc: Joseph O'Connor from his own short story (in Joseph
O'Connor, True Believers, London: Sinclair-Stevenson, 1991), c: Cian de
Buitlear, p.dsgn.: Padraig O'Neill, m: Dario Marianelli, s: Simon Willis,
distr: Treasure Films.
Genre/CategoryShort Film Drama
Road Movie
Literary Adaptation
KeywordsMarital Relationships
Male Relationships

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