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Film Details

Production companyCathal Black Films
Black Star Films
SponsorBórd Scánnán na hEireann/Irish Film Board
Radio Telefís Éireann/RTE
Zweites Deutsches Femsehen
Nederlandse Omroeppogramme
Arts Council of Ireland
European Script Fund
Country of originIreland
ProducerCOLLINS, Daryl
DirectorBLACK, Cathal
Script/AdaptationBLACK, Cathal
McKIMM, Leslie (Supervisor)
PhotographyMORRIS, Nic
Sound recordingCAMPBELL, Brendan
EditingREYNOLDS, Emer
DISKIN, Dermot
Art directionRANKIN, Brendan
Production designMcLOUGHLIN, Ned
Costume designBETERA, Carol
Executive producerSTONEMAN, Rod
BLACK, Cathal
Music composerMcKEON, Stephen
Music performanceIrish Chamber Orchestra
CastDonal Donnelly (John Doyle), Andrew Scott (Eamon Doyle), Fiona Molony (Una Moran), Vass Anderson (Ben Moran), Eileen Ward (Mrs Moran). Pat Fitzpatrick (Mick Farrell), Christopher Callery (barman), Sadie Maguire (Mrs Maguire), Peter McNamee (postman), Gus Ward (Doctor Whelan), Stephen Holland (Luke Moran), Siobhan Dooney (Mary Doyle), Bill Hickey (priest), Cathal Farrelly (American attache), Gary Reily (1st altar boy), Charles McGuinness (2nd altar boy), Franci Smith, Dan Moynihan, Mick O'Brien (veterans), Catriona Canavan (sean-nos singer). Tommy McArdle (1st farmer), Hugh O'Brien (2nd farmer), Jim Williamson (ticket agent), Michael Thomton (ESB speaker), Michael O'Brien (accordion player), David Walsh (execution boy), Maurice Keogh (older prisoner), Marcus Cunihan (1st British soldier), John D'Alton (2nd British soldier), Nigel Roffe (1st fisherman), Sean Mcintyre (2nd fisherman), Brian Reily (ice digger), Sean Donnelly (truckman), pub - Paki Brady, Sheamus Brady, George Gault, John Prior, Jerry Martin, Ray Howden, funeral - Maura McGuinness, Padraig Donaghue, Margaret Brady, Nico Bartsch, Marie Howden, Chrisy McKieman, Annie Edwards, Sean O'Reily, Aisling O'Neil, Ciara O'Neil, Isobelle Roffe, Bemie Martin, Rosaleen Howden, Caroline Howden, Patrick McHugh, Paul Brady, Kieran McMorrow, Eamon Heary, Paddy Mulvey, Hugh Megrahan, fish depot - Sean Donnelly, Alfie Hart, Eamon Cooke, Kevin Doonan, Ray Hackett, Jonathan Finnegan, village - Donal Maguire, Fergal Maguire, Mel Farrell, Stasha Can-oil, Inga Lloyd, Michael McGoldrick, Catherine Harrison, Eoghan Sweeney, Phil Lawlor, Sheamus O'Rourke, Noel Loughlin, Jack German, Sinead Tomsey, Eileen Tomsey, Hilary McDermot, Terence McDermot, Donna McDermot, Ryan McGoldrick, Colom McMahon, Michael McKeon, ticket agent - Oliver Shandley, Mary Shandley, Noelle Shandley, Patricia Shandley, gravediggers - Robin D'Arcy, Michael Stanford.
SoundDolby Stereo
Release date1995
TX date04/08/2005
SummaryIn 1952 in a village in County Cavan, teenager Eamon Doyle is spending his last summer with his father, John, who fishes the fresh-water lakes. The results of his final examinations will determine his future. Luke Moran, son of Ben Moran, has been killed in Korea having enlisted in the American army following his migration to the USA. Luke's body is shipped back to Ireland where he is buried with military honours in a lake-island graveyard. The village is filled with rumours as to the extent of the compensation being received by the Morans for the loss of their son. Meanwhile, Eamon falls in love with Una Moran. However, John Doyle is a bitter enemy of Ben Moran since they took opposing sides in the Irish Civil War. He tries to dissuade Eamon from having a relationship with Una, but his son resists his pressure. The extension of the Rural Electrification Scheme to the village coincides with the loss of John's fishing licence on the lake, which is blamed on the new economic pressures of tourism. In turn, John blames Ben Moran for the loss of his licence, and in general he is out of tune with the modernising process. As a means of trying to break his son's connection with the Morans, John buys Eamon a ticket to the USA with his savings. Eamon, who wants to stay in Irish with Una and is also fearful of being conscripted by the US army and of being sent to Korea, rejects his father's pressures. Eamon becomes ill after seeing Una on a wet night. Una defies John by coming to the house to see the ill Eamon. After his recovery, Eamon confronts his father for the first time while they are fishing on the lake. Returning to shore, Una is waiting on the jetty. Reluctantly, John takes Una's hand of support as he alights from the boat. (V).
NoteIR Rel 16/3/1995 (world pre- miere, Dublin Film Festival); 5/1/1996 (general release). This film was shot over five weeks May-June 1994 in the County Cavan border village of Bawnboy near Ballyconnell, in nearby Lakefield, and on St Mogue's Lake in Port Lake. Local drama groups in Counties Cavan and Leitrim, including the Commill Theatre, Carrigallen assisted the production. This film won the first runner-up audience award both for Best Film and Best Director at the 21 Seattle International Film Festival, June 1995.
ReferenceFI No. 46, Apr-May 1995:10-11; FI No. 50, Dec 1995-Jan 1996:35;
IT 17/3/1995:15; IT23/6/1995:13; IT7/7/1995:11; IT14/7/1995:13; IT 4/1/1996:11; IT 16/1/1996:10; SI 7/1/1996:13L; Screen International 30/6/1995:28; Var 26 June-9; July 1995:80.

Film Ireland, 12/95-1/96:35, review (Shane Barry).

Irish Times, 4/1/96:11, ‘In Black Country’, interview with Cathal Black, the film's director, about his life and work (Hugh Linehan).

Dublin Event Guide, 24/1-6/2/96:5, short interview with director Cathal Black about the film.

Hot Press, 7/2/96:52.

Film Ireland, Oct/Nov. 1996:20-2, ‘The Esperanto of the Eye? Re-thinking National Cinema’, discussion on national cultures portrayed in the cinema, including the film Korea.
Production creditsp.c: Cathal Black Films (Dublin), Black Star Films (Belfast). In association with Bord Scannan na hEireann/Irish Film Board, Radio Telefís Eireann, Zweites Deutsches Femsehen/Arte, Nederlandse Omroeppogramme Stichtin, GRECO, Arts Council of Ireland, European Script Fund, exec. p: Rod Stoneman (Bord Scannan na hEireann), p: Darryl Collins, exec. p: Cathal Black, d: Black, sc: Joe O'Byrne from the story 'Korea' by John McGahem, sc. super: Lesley McKimm, c: Louis Foster, 2nd unit under- water c: Peter Robertson, dop: Nic Morrs, p.dsgn.: Ned McLoughlin, p.m: Jo Homewood, p. co-ord: Carol Moorhead, ed: Emer Reynolds, a. ed: Dermot Diskin, commissioning ed: Doris Hepp (ZDF), Claire Duignan (RTE), Mike Kelly, Wim Ode (NOS), art d: Brendan Rankin, 2nd unit art d: Mark Lowry, art dept. a: Lowry, Irene O'Brien, focus pullers: Jerry Kelly, Nome Halley, 2nd unit focus puller: Conor Hammond, boom op.: Dan Birch, clapper/loader: David Grennan, 2nd unit clapper/loader: Grennan, key grip: David Logan, loc. m: Lee Rooney, Robert Wilkinson, cast: Teresa Smith, Mary Maguire, Hubbard cast, 1st a.d: Neil Calder, 2nd a.d: Tracy O'Connor, 3rd a.d: Smith, p.a: Tom Maguire, Yvette Kidd, runner: Brian Brady, m: Stephen McKeon, musians - Irish Chamber Orchestra, orch/m.c: Kevin Townend, m. rd/mix: Bow Lane Recording Studios, s. rd: Brendan Campbell, s. ed: Diskin, dial. ed: James Dalton, a. s. ed: Mick Mahon, ADR: (at the Purple Room) Pat Hayes, Paco Hayes, Dan Birch, mix: Richard King (at World Wide), radio voice: Padraig Ó Raghallaigh, Foley art.: Jean Sheffield, Roy Baker, cost: Carol Betera, ward: Judith Devlin, hair/make-up: Pamela Smyth, prop.buyer: Olwen Weekes, a. prop.buyer: Catherine Giovanelli, props: Mark Whelan, 2nd unit prop.buyer: Weekes, stand-by props: Mike Gunn carpenter: Jim McManus, stand-by carpenter: Tommy Burke, painter: Tommy O'Shaughnessy, elec: Andrew Sproule, David Bates, 2nd unit elec: Sproule, sp. effs. super: Maurice Foley, a. effs: Gerry Johnston, moon shot: Matt Skinner, armourer: John McKenna, storyboard artist: Pat Kenna, genny op: Tommy Davis, gaffer: Gerry Donnelly, stills: Denis Mortell, unit publicist: Kate Bowe, legal adv: Paul White, A & L Goodbody (Dublin), p. accnt: Eamonn Griffin, Griffin & Co, accnt: Liz Rogers, titles/opticals: Capital F/X, ed. facilities: Windmill Lane Studios, s. transfer: Metrocolor (London), Windmill Lane (Dublin), Purple Room (Ardmore Studios).
St Mogue's Lake
Port Lake
Genre/CategoryRural Drama
Period Drama
Historical Drama
Literary Adaptation
Feature Film Drama
KeywordsWar of Independence
Irish Civil War
Irish History
Father Son Relationships
Rural Electrification

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