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Film Details

Production companyCinegael
B Films
De Facto Films
SponsorBórd Scánnán na hEireann/Irish Film Board
Radio Telefís Éireann/RTE
Udaras na Gaeltachta
Chomhairle Ealaion, An/The Arts Council of Ireland
Eurimages Fund of the Council of Europe
Country of originIreland
DirectorQUINN, Bob
Script/AdaptationQUINN, Bob
PhotographyDEASY, Seamus
O'NEILL, Shane
Sound recordingDEASY, Brendan
EditingDUFFY, Martin
Art directionCONROY, Tom
Executive producerALLEN, Miriam
McBRIDE, Tiernan
Associate producerCOLLINS, Tom
Music composerDOYLE, Roger
O'CONNOR, Mairtín
Music performanceDOYLE, Roger
CastDonal McCann (bishop and priest), Maggie Fegan (woman). Ray McBride (young priest), Peadar Lamb (silent bishop), Tomas Ó Flaithearta (sacristan), Sean Ó Coisdealbha (publican), Susan Flaherty (girl), Anna Gill (mother), Patrick O'Toole (father), Freda Gillen (old woman), Oliver O'Malley (bearded man), Aine O'Malley (wife), Dominick O'Malley (son), Chris O'Grady (doctor), Gary Fitzpatrick (man on beach), Michael O'Malley (man in coNíession), Mikey Eddie, John Jerry (old men), Marty O'Malley, Pat Moran, Austy Byrnes, Liam Winters, Mary McCabe, Martin Burns, Billy Gallagher, Michael Moran, John O'Malley, Tom Gillespie, Ciara Cullen, additional voices - Deirbhile Ní Churraighin, Mairtin Jamesie Ó Flatharta, Maire Ní Chonlain, Margo Ní Ghiiofa, Coilin Ó Scolai, Ciaran Ó Tuairisc, Deirdre Ní Fhlatharta, Sean Ó Chualain, Mairead Nic Con lomaire, Tomas Mac Con lomaire.
Release date1994
SummaryA love story is revealed through conversations between an elderly bishop and a younger priest in a 'retreat' house catering for members of religious orders. The bishop is a returned missionary, a voluntary inmate, who as a young curate on a remote island had an affair with his housekeeper, while the priest is trying to deal with alcoholism and his sexual abuse of altar boys. The priest persuades the bishop to tell the story of how he renewed acquaintance with a young woman whom he had known in London. In some distress she had come to him for sanctuary, they became lovers, and pregnancy resulted. Instead of trying to hush it up, the young priest told his shocked congregation of the relationship and that not only did he intend to look after the woman and the child but also that he wished to remain their pastor. He was summoned by his Bishop, and the young woman left the island. As a result, the young priest lost his faith and spent time in the foreign missions. (V).
NoteIR Rel 13/2/1994 (world premiere, Galway); 26/2/1994 (Dublin Film Festival); 11/3/1994 (general release, Irish Film Centre; Claddagh Palace, Galway). Screened at the 10th Galway Film Fleadh, 7-12 July 1998. This film is the completed version of the script written by Bob Quinn in 1986, of which BUDAWANNY (Irl 1988) was the pro tern version. The 'bishop' of THE BISHOP'S STORY is the 'priest' in BUDAWANNY and the 'Bishop's' story as told in flashback is the same filmed material seen in BUDAWANNY. The English-language intertitles of the earlier film are spoken in Ireland in this film. The new material is in synchronous sound. Parallels have been drawn between the events depicted in the novel and in both BUDAWANNY and THE BISHOP'S STORY, and the revelations in 1992 that the Bishop of Galway, Eamon Casey, was the father of a teenage son, who had been conceived while Bishop Casey was in charge of the Kerry diocese. As a result. Bishop Casey was removed from his position as Bishop of Galway and assigned to missionary work in South America. While a parallel has been drawn between the two stories, Standuin's novel and BUDAWANNY both precede the revelations in the Bishop Casey affair.
ReferenceIT 10/3/1994:10; SI 13/3/1994:9L.

Film West, Winter 1992, No. 14:17, 'The Bishop's Story: Cashing in on Casey?', Interview with director, Bob Quinn.

Review of film by Mick Hannigan. Held at the Tiernan MacBride of the Film Institute of Ireland.

Film Ireland, Feb-Mar 1994: 8-12, 'What happened to the Bishop?', director Bob Quinn interviewed about production.

Film Ireland, Apr-May, 1994: 25-26, review by Gerry McCarthy.

Irish Press, 12 Mar 1994: 10, 'Does celibacy defy the basic impulses of human nature?', priests talking about subject highlighted in film The Bishop's Story.

Lincoln Center programme (NY), 'The Bishop's Story (US Premiere)'. Held at the Tiernan MacBride of the Film Institute of Ireland.

Review of The Bishop's Story and After 68 showing in IFC. Held at the Tiernan MacBride of the Film Institute of Ireland.
Production creditsp.c: Cinegael. In association with B Films and De Facto Films. With assistance from Bord Scannan na hEireann/Irish Film Board, Radio Teleffs Eireann, Udaras na Gaeltachta, An Chomhairle Ealaion, the Arts Council of Ireland. Aided by the EuFilmages Fund of the Council of Europe. Distribution aided by EFDO, exec. p: Miriam Allen, Tiernan MacBride, assoc. p: Tom Collins, d: Bob Quinn, sc: Quinn from the novel Suil Ie Breith by Padraic Standun (Indreabhan, County Galway: C16 Chonamara, 1983; trans: Lovers, Swords, County Dublin: Poolbeg Press, 1991), a. dial: Antoine Ó Hatharta, Alan Esslemont, c: Seamus Deasy, a.c: Shane O'Neill, 2nd unit c: Joe Comerford, cont: Hilary Dully, clapper/loader: Shane Deasy, rostrum c: Kieran Cummins, m/m.p: Roger Doyle, a. m: Mairtin Ó Connor, Seosamh Mac An lomaire, s. dsgn: Enda Boner, s: Brendan Deasy, Ciaran Ó Tuairisc, post-sync: Boner, Bob Bell, intertitles: Joachim Boske, titles: Caomhan Ó Scolai, art d: Tom Conroy, ed: Martin Duffy, cnslt. d: Donal McCann, 1st a.d: Martin O'Malley, 2nd a.d: Robert Quinn, elec. super: Tony Swan, Ciaran Dempsey, make-up: Maire O'Sullivan, ward: Costume Shop, Galway, stunts: Martin O'Malley.
Genre/CategoryRural Drama
Feature Film Drama
KeywordsSilent Film Pastiche
Catholic Church
Extra Marital Sex
Rural Ireland

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