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Film Details

Production companyTile Films Ltd
SponsorRadio Telefís Éireann/RTE
Country of originIreland
ProducerROOKE, Stephen
DirectorROOKE, Stephen
Script/AdaptationROOKE, Stephen
PhotographyGILES, Robert
Sound recordingSEELY, Martin
EditingFALLEN-BAILEY, Oliver
Art directionDALY, Fiona
Music composerWHELAN, Bill
Songs'Recovery' by and perf. by Jan Nagle; 'The Woman In Me' by Roberto
Danova, 'Spanish Eddie' by David Palmer, Chuck Cochran, 'Colour My
Rainbow' by May, perf. by Joanna and Tequila Sunrise.
CastMary McGuckian (Helen), Sighle Toibin (Lisa), David O'Meara (John), Vincent Murphy (Peter), Niall Toibin (Mr Nolan), Martin Dunne (Helen's father), Gail Curtis (Helen as a child), Patrick Laffan (Mr Hill), Helena Breen (Mrs Hill), Seamus Moran (barman), Marion Dowley (insurance clerk), Lynda Gallagher(Lisa's daughter), Peter Sweeney (conductor). Mark Fitzgerald, Anthony O'Shea, Niall O'Connor (trumpet players), Christchurch Cathedral Choir, Dublin (choir), Joanna and Tequila Sunrise (nightclub band).
Release date1990
TX channelTG4
TX date26/07/1998
SummaryHelen, a London-based Irish organist, arrives at Dublin Airport where she is met by Mr Nolan. A church performance attended by a school friend, Lisa, brings back memories of their teen years together. At that time an intimate relationship developed between the two. They continue their relationship until one evening at a nightclub two men join them. While Lisa becomes attached to one of them, John, Helen is repulsed by the other. Returning home after organ practice to their apartment, Helen and Lisa argue and fight over Lisa's relationship with John. When Lisa doesn't return the following day, Helen is disconsolate and recalls a childhood sexual assault by her father. She goes to John's apartment where she meets Lisa, who tells her that she loves John and wants to live with him. When John returns. Lisa tells Helen that she intends to stay. Ten months later, Lisa rings Helen to arrange a meeting, but she fails to turn up. Helen finds a note from Lisa and rushes to a maternity hospital where Lisa has given birth to a daughter. After Helen turns away, John follows her out and tells her that running away will not do any good, but she leaves nonetheless. Now, a few years later, as Helen is leaving Dublin Airport following her successful performance, Lisa is there with her daughter. Helen has told her about her father's childhood assaults and they restate their love for each other. (V).
NoteFilmed in County Wicklow and on location in Dublin, including Trinity College.
Production creditsp.c: Tile Films Ltd. In association with Radio Telefís Éireann, p/d: Stephen Rooke, co-p: Philippa Langdale, sc: Rooke, Reg Renwick, dop: Robert Giles, art d: Fiona Daly, ed: Oliver Fallen-Bailey, cont: Alan Irish, p.m: Langdale, John Butterworth, m/m. arrg: Bill Whelan, songs: 'Recovery' by and perf. by Jan Nagle; 'The Woman In Me' by Roberto Danova, 'Spanish Eddie' by David Palmer, Chuck Cochran, 'Colour My Rainbow' by May, perf. by Joanna and Tequila Sunrise, 1st a.d/a. ed: John O'Donnell, 2nd a.d: Vincent Murphy, a.c: Justine Evans, light: Alexander __ Howe, 1st light: Martin Parry, a. light: Giancario Gemin, s. mix: Aidan Sheeran, s: Martin Seeley, boom op.: Nicola Meerabux, grip: Mel Griffin, Kevin O'Leary, elec: Terry Ross, Ken Ross, cont: Alan Irish, ward: Orlaith Browne, Derby Browne, make-up: Elizabeth Bukkehaue, set dec: Celine Ryan, Anne Geraghty, Angela Mitchell, Wendela Rosonberg-Polack, Cally Archer, titles: Dorcass O'Toole.
Trinity College
LightingHOWE, Alexander
Genre/CategoryShort Film Drama
Love Lelationships
Child Abuse

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