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Film Details

Production companyEmmet Dalton Productions
Country of originIreland
ProducerBAKER, Robert S.
DirectorCASS, Henry
Script/AdaptationHOWARD, Philip
PhotographyGRAHAM, Arthur
Sound recordingMORRIS, James
EditingMYERS, Douglas
Art directionSUTHERLAND, Duncan
Music composerBLACK, Stanley
Songs'A Song of Ireland' by Edward Horan, Norman Newell, sung by Charles Kennedy
CastEileen Crowe (Miss McClurg), Geoffrey Golden (Andrew Boyd) Aideen O'Kelly (Agnes Boyd), Vincent Dowling (John Haslett), Aiden Crenwell (Reverend Ernest Dunwoody), Rita O'Dea (Miss Logan), May Craig (Mrs Clotworthy), Isobel Couser (Mrs McBratney), Gearoid Lochlainn (Reverend Arthur Patterson), Fay Sargent (Carrie), Robert Hennessy (Lacey), Edward Jacob Jr (Jimmy).
Release date1960
SummaryYoung John Haslett arrives in the village of Donagreah determined to
start a modem grocery. He finds himself up against the long-established
Boyd's shop and the indifference of local people. Eventually, however, he
joins forces with Boyd and becomes engaged to Boyd's daughter Agnes.
(MFB July 1960:97).
NoteGB Rel June 1960.
This film may have been made as early as 1957, and while regarded as a film made at Ardmore Studios, its Irish release may predate the official opening of the Studios in May 1958.
ReferenceGifford 12796: June 1960; MPG.
DistributorRank (GB)
Production creditsp.c: Emmet Dalton Productions, p: Robert S Baker, Monty Berman, d: Henry Cass, sc: Philip Howard from the play Boyd's Shop by St John G Ervine (1st perf. The Play-House, Liverpool, 19/2/1936; 1st Abbey Theatre, Dublin perf, 24/2/1936; publ, London: George Alien & Unwin Ltd/New York: The Macmillan Co, 1936), c: Arthur Graham, ed: Douglas Myers, art d: Duncan Sutherland, m: Stanley Black, song: 'A Song of Ireland' by Edward Horan, Norman Newell, sung by Charles Kennedy, s: James Morris.
Genre/CategoryRural Drama
Feature Film Drama
Theatrical Adaptation
Rural Life

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