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Series/Newsreel titleBECKETT ON FILM
Episode/Item titleWaiting For Godot
Production companyBlue Angel Films
Tyrone Productions
Radio Telefís Éireann
Channel 4
SponsorBórd Scánnán na hEireann/Irish Film Board
Country of originIreland
ProducerCOLGAN, Michael
DirectorHOGG, Michael Lindsay
Script/AdaptationWaiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.
PhotographyDEASY, Seamus
Sound recordingQUINN, Eddie
EditingDORN, Dodi
BALL, Lori
Art directionBUSHER, Julie
Production designGARRAD, Charles
Costume designBERGIN, Joan
Executive producerEGAN, Joan
CastBarry McGovern, Johnny Murphy, Alan Stanford, Stephen Brennan, Sam McGovern
SoundDolby Digital
Release date2001
TX channelRTE 1
TX date19/03/2001
SummaryVladimir and Estragon await by a roadside for the elusive Godot.
NoteWaiting for Godot starring Stephen Brennan, Barry McGovern, Johnny Murphy and Alan Standford was originally produced at the Gate Theatre Dublin, directed by Walter Asmos.
This programme was shown on RTE on 14 April 2006 as part of the BECKETT 100 Centenary.
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Production creditsp.c.: Blue Angel Films, Tyrone Productions, RTE, Channel 4, spon: Bord Scannan Na hEireann/Irish Film Board, p: Michael Colgan, Alan Moloney, d: Michael Lindsay Hogg, exec.p: Joan Egan, Joe Mulholland, Rod Stoneman, dop: Seamus Deasy, ed: Dody Dorn, Lori Ball, p.dsgn: Charles Garrad, cast: Hubbard's cast, cost: Joan Bergin, line p: Jim Shorthall, sc.super: Renee Burke, Anneliese O'Callaghan, assoc.p.: Susan Mullen, p.accnts a.: Mary O'Donoghue, 1st a.d.: Seamus Collins, 2nd a.d.: Catherine Dunne, trainee a.d.: Owen Magee, Tom Byrne, Barry Johnson, c.op.: Ciaran Barry, focus puller: Shane O'Neill, David Grennan, clapper loader: Mark Byrne, c.grip: John Murphy, crane op.: Dave Keith, c.trainee: Andrew O'Reilly, s.recs: Eddie Quinn, Karl Merren, boom op.: Eddie Quinn, s.trainee:Ian Johns, art d.: Julie Busher, Greens man: Bernard Hickie, prop master: Cos Egan, make-up, hair: Patsy Giles, make-up, hair a.: Anita Brolly, ward.super: Gabriel O'Brien, ward.a. : Leone Prendergast, gaffer: Noel Cullen, Dave Whelan, carpenters: Eugene Campbell, Brian Thomas, Neil Crawford, Tommy Rennick, Brian Geoghegan, Stuart Crinnon, Peter Buckley, painters: Bobby Richardson, Gerry Richardson, elec: Kieran Dempsy, Jim Farrell, Sean Cahill, genny elec: Maurice Swan, Dave Dorney, catering: Peter McEvoy, construction driver: Thomas Clarke, director's driver: Murty Kavanagh, unit driver: John O'Loughlin, stills ph: Pat Redmond, unit publicist: Catorina ward, sp.effs.: Team FX: Kevin Byrne, Kevin Nolan, Gerry Farrell, legal: James Hickey, Ruth Hunter, insurance agent: Network Insurances, travel agent: Flair Travel, international couriers: Wells Cargo, title dsgn.: Laura Brooks, super.s.ed.:Nicky Moss, s.ed.s: Cathi Whelan, Anthony Litton, post.p. supervision: Jim Duggan, Lisa Murphy, post.p. facilities: Screen Scene, Dublin, a.ed: Matt Clarke, re-rd.mix.: John Fitzgerald, re-recorded at: Ardmore Studios.
RightsMM1 Blue Angel Films Ltd.
Genre/CategoryFeature Film Drama
Theatrical Adaptation

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