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Film Details

Episode/Item titlePresident Childers State Visit
Production companyBritish Movietone
Country of originGreat Britain
Release date1974
SummaryMOVIETONE CARD TITLE: President Childers State Visit to Belgium Colour. DESCRIPTION: President Childers pays a State Visit to Belgium. This is the first State Visit by an Irish Head of State to Europe. President Childers and his wife make the traditional grand tour of visiting Heads of State - it is in this ceremonial way that friendships between Nations are formed and strengthened. SHOTLIST: GV Dublin Airport awaiting plane, Guard of Honour. SV officer with sword salutes P Childers, PC raises hat. SV Mrs Childers and daughter Vanessa. GV Childers inspecting Guard of Honour awaiting plane in b/g. SV officer & Mrs Childers. SGV President Childers shaking hands with pilot (Captain Prior & crew), hostess on tarmac by plane - start on board. SV couple watching. SBV Childers walking into aircraft. SV Guard of Honour by plane. Interior from porthole as plane taxies. GV interior Childers & wife seated talking to stewardess. SV from porthole as plane takes off. LV aircraft climbing. SCU interior Mr & Mrs Childers seated in aircraft. GV clouds. PC talking to Captain Prior in cockpit. SV from porthole Guard of Honour and band at Brussels Airport. SV Guard of Honour. SV King Baudouin shaking hands with PC on tarmac and Queen Fabiola standing behind King. SV King & Queen. SV King & Childers shaking hands with officials. GV band. PC King Baudouin standing listening to band playing Irish National Anthem, Queen standing behind. LV band on tarmac pan to Guard of Honour. SV King and Childers at attention pan officers saluting PC & King walking past Guard of Honour. SV Childers & King inspecting Guard of Honour. SV Royal officials etc. GV exterior Laeken Palace. SV Guard at gates of LP. SV Cavalry escort for PC on way to Tomb of Unknown Warrior. SV guard at Laeken Palace. LV pan Childers in Mercedes car on way to Tomb of Unknown Warrior. GV cavalry guard at tomb. GV PC arrives at Tomb of Unknown Warrior. GV guards & officials. PC standing in front of eternal flame pan to eternal flame. GV tomb pan across officials etc. monument. SV pan Childers arriving at Hotel de Ville (City Hall on famous Grande Place) greeted by Mayor of Brussels. GV pan from balcony of Grande Place. SCU P Childers & wife on balcony of Hotel de Ville looking out and waving to crowd pan to crowd. SV PC signs book of honour, ditto wife, SV chandeliers. SV Childers presenting gift to Mayor Lucien Cooremans. SV 2 officials. Childers driving through streets in Mercedes with outriders from Grande Place (wrong way down 1 way street). GV Laeken Palace banqueting room with banquet set out pan to chandeliers. CU ditto. SV PC and Mrs Childers with K&Q in throne room of palace. SV Queen Fabiola with Prince Albert. SV Queen and Princess Paola shaking hands with guests at palace. SV Mrs Childers shaking hands with guest pan with guest shake hands with Queen & with Princess Paola and with Prince Albert. SV guest shaking hands with Queen etc. Childers & Queen entering banqueting hall followed by King & Mrs Childers, Princess Paola (panning shots throughout). GV EEC Buildings in Brussels. 2 men walking up subway pan to EEC buildings, tracking shot from interior car road ahead. PC arriving at Provincial Domaine of Bokrik in Flanders. CU map of Domain Bokrik. SV Childers being greeted by Governor of Domain M Louis Roppe. SV Childers & wife shaking hands with wife of Domain Governor. Mrs Childers presented with flowers by small girl, kisses girl. GV Childers & wife & Governor & officials at Domain. SV Childers & wife & Governor. SV windmill party walking past windmill (at Bokriijk Estate folk museum). SCU basket weavers. SV Childers & wife watching basket weaver at work. SCU ditto pan up to Childer's wife. SV shepherd. SV sheep with Childers & party at cottage. CU running water. SV running water & water wheel. GV party walking in grounds. SCU swans swimming in water. PC and Governor pouring drink of beer. SV Childers & Flemish girls pan to Mrs C and Childers pan to Childers toasting Flemish girl pan to Flemish girls. CU ADC [sic] enjoying beer. SCU Childers signing visitors book. LV 2 farmers walking towards Childers shaking hands with one of farmers pan to Mrs Childers & Governor and farmer. GV pan Childers walking through crowd outside 'pub'. GV police escort waiting in side street at Louvain. GV Childers & wife with Franciscan Monk in garden of old F Monastery (ancient Irish Establishment, Irish college grounds). LV Childers arriving at airport in car. CU bonnet of car with aircraft in b/g. Shot from inside plane of Childers climbing aircraft steps towards camera with King and Queen in b/g. LV aircraft taking off.
NoteThursday, 30 May 74
KeywordsLocal Interest; Personalities - Politicians; Personalities - Relatives; Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments; Aviation; Military - Ceremonial; Erskine Childers; Vanessa Childers; Personalities - Aviation; Music and Dance; Foreign Relations; Royalty; King Baudouin of the Belgians; Queen Fabiola of the Belgians; Ceremonies - Memorial; Personalities - Local Government; Ceremonies - Local Government; Prince Albert of Liege; Princess Paola of Liege; European Economic Community; Mrs Roppe; Industries, Trades and Crafts; History and archaeology; Food, Drink and Cooking; Animals - Domestic; Birds; Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Religion and superstition

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