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Film Details

Production companyCinegael
Radio TelefĂ­s Eireann/RTE
Country of originIreland
ProducerQUINN, Bob
COLLINS, Bob (Series Producer)
DirectorQUINN, Bob
Script/AdaptationQUINN, Bob
PhotographyDEASY, Seamus
Sound recordingDEASY, Brendan
EditingCURTIS, Victor
Music composerDOYLE, Roger
Music performanceDOYLE, Roger
NarratorMCHUGH, Kevin
CastDerek Young (husband), Anne Brogan (wife)
Production date1978
Release date1979
TX channelRTE 2
TX date22/05/1993
SummaryA fly-on-the-wall film about a family of 'Screamers' who inhabit a house in Donegal. The film concerns a commune called "Atlantis" set up in Donegal by an English woman named Jenny James and the role-play and scream therapy employed by its members (who call themselves "The Family") to get in touch with their inner selves. The film begins with a dramatised sequence featuring a traditional 'nuclear' family to provide contrast with what is to follow.
NoteFirst Broadcast: 1991. Originally an episode of an RTE series on alternative lifestyles entitled "The Other Ways", this film was shot in 1978 but not shown at that time because it was considered unsuitable for broadcast. It was eventually shown as part of the "First View" series presented by Lelia Doolan in 1991. This film was scheduled for broadcast in the RTE Guide for 19th December 1978. "The nuclear family is a far cry from what is termed the 'family', which actually means a household of people. This film presents an unusual household, or family, in Donegal". (RTE Guide). Also shown on Network 2's FIRST VIEW Slot on 22 May 1993. This programme was shown on the FIRST VIEW Series on RTE ("A new set of films in this series which features movies made by Irish producers and directors") and described as "An usual and possibly disturbing view of the family" (RTE Guide)
Production creditsd/sc: Bob Quinn, c: Seamus Deasy, narrator: Kevin McHugh, electrical super.: Eddie Bolger, p.a.: Dympna Cullen, film cameraman: Seamus Deasy, film ed: Brendan Deasy, film ed: Victor Curtis, dubbing mixer: Brian Lynch, series p: Bob Collins, production concluded: Bob Quinn (Cinegael), col, 27 mins, 1978.
Genre/CategoryTV Documentary
KeywordsReligious Cults
Scream Therapy
Family, the
PeopleLelia Doolan

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