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Irish Postgraduate Film Research Seminar 2007

Trinity College Dublin, 3 & 4 May 2007

The Irish Postgraduate Film Research Seminar is an initiative of the Department of Film Studies, School of Drama, Film and Music, Trinity College Dublin, and the School of Media and Performing Arts, University of Ulster, Coleraine.

Thursday, 3 May 2007 , IIIS Seminar Room, 6th floor, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin.

9.30 – 11. 15. ‘National/Cultural/Cinematic Identities’.

Chair: Prof. Maire Messenger-Davies.

Zélie Asava UCD), ‘Drole De F élix [ The Adventures Of Felix ] (Ducastel & Martineau, France, 2000): A search for cultural identity on the road’.

Caroline D’Arcy (UCD), ‘The incorporation of the Alice/Peter archetype in The Wizardof Oz (1939) and The Wiz (1978)’.

Di Liu (UU), ‘Revolutionary realism and romanticism—representing the ballet in The Red Detachment of Women (1971)’.

11. 15 – 11.30. Coffee break.

11.30 – 13.00. THE BODY

Chair: Dr. Paula Quigley.

Deborah Mellamphy (UCC), ‘Androgyny, ambiguity and contradictions in the collaborations of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’.

Deirdre Quinn (NUI-Maynooth), ‘The AIDS body: a site of power or performance?’

Sarah Arnold ( NUI-Galway) ‘Women in horror film: Reinterpreting the monstrous female as a postmodern celebration of ambiguity with reference to Carrie, Audition and Hard Candy’.

13.00 – 14.00. Lunch break.

14. 00 – 15.30. EUROPEAN CINEMA

Chair: Dr. Conn Holohan.

Conor Murphy (UCD), ‘Out of Spain: The Others (2001) as transnational cinema’.

Jesús Urda (UCD), ‘Bardem’s Calle Mayor: American melodrama and Spanish society’.

Veronica Johnson (NUI-Galway) 'Three Colours: Blue and the unconscious'.

18.00 KEYNOTE ADDRESS . Dance Studio, Samuel Beckett Centre .

Professor John Hill (Royal Holloway, University of London), 'Irish Film Studies - Twenty Years On'. Chair: Prof. Kevin Rockett.

A reception will follow Prof. Hill’s address.

Friday, 4 May 2007 , IIIS Seminar room, 6th floor, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin

10. 00 – 12.00. AMERICAN CINEMA

Chair: Dr. Barney Taylor.

Rory Kelly (UU), ‘Saving Sergeant Stryker: Hollywood and the United States Marine Corps films of World War II’.

Jenny Murphy (UCD), ‘Quentin Tarantino: Gilles Deleuze's cinematic ‘falsifier’.

Liz Greene (UU), ‘ Noise: Splet and Kroeber: collaboration and archive’.

12.00 – 14.00. Lunch.


Chair: Prof. Martin McLoone.

Jeannine Woods (NUI-Galway), ‘Nationalism and pre-independence Irish and Indian cinema’.

James Casey (NUI-Galway), ‘ Representations, regressions and ideology’.

Val Nolan (NUI- Galway), ‘ Who is my Father? : Neil Jordan, Pat McCabe, and adaptation in Breakfast on Pluto’.

Stephen Boyd (UCD), ‘Black Irish: an analysis of The Public Enemy (1931) as an Irish-American gangster film in comparison to modern Hollywood portrayals of ethnic violence’.

16.15 – 17.00. Plenary.

All presentations should last no more than 20 mins. including video extracts.

Conference locations:

All sessions, with the exception of the keynote address by Professor John Hill, which will be held in the Dance Studio, Beckett Centre, Trinity College, will be in the Boardroom, IIIS, 6 th Floor, Arts Building, TCD, a modern library and office building located near the Old Library/Long Room, which houses the Book of Kells. Access to the Arts Building may be made either through the Front Gate (Dame St entrance), from where you bear to the right, or via Nassau St, at the junction with Dawson St. Access to the 6 th floor is via a stairs in the lobby area of the Arts Building; for wheelchair or other disabled access, a lift is located beyond the stairs. A Porters’ Office is located at the entrance of the Arts Building lobby.

There is no charge for attendance at the conference. However, those wishing to attend are advised to register in advance as places are limited.

Further information and queries to Prof. Kevin Rockett at; phone: 01 896 1437.

See Irish Film & TV Research Online at

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