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Irish Film Censors' Records

Alternative TitleGang War
DirectorHoward Hawks
Year of Production1932
DistributorUnited Artists
Length of film8324
Type of filmFeature
Date of Censor's Decision19/08/1932
Decision No.27974
Rejected notesReject Book: 740
Appeal Date30/09/1932
Appeal DecisionRejected
NotesRe-submitted as Gang War in 1941: Reject 1479, 7,500 ft. Ban upheld after appeal (7/10/1941). Re-submitted again as Scarface in 1953, Reject 1983 (24/4/1953), 8,380 ft. No appeal. Censors Quotes: This is undoubtedly anti-gangster propaganda, and law is triumphant, but I consider that such films pander to sensationalism. What is to be gained morally by the exhibition of brutes with their mistresses and the horror of gun battles at their butchery? If this propaganda is justifiable where will it stop? Similar relaism might be offered for say - the while slave traffic - or other social evils - apart from every other consideration it is not desirable that our young men should become familiarised with such savage gunnery.' (Reject 740, 19/8/32). 'This picture deals with the intimate details of the gangster world - and puts frequently a certain glamour on gangster lives. It is a particularly brutal picture, dangerous for presentation to young people, while there is too, a strong suggestion of incestuous passion between its central figure and his sister. I see by the records that this film was rejected previously under the title 'Scarface' (RH, Reject 1479, 29/8/1941). 'This picture of the underworld is gangsterdom at its worst. Its features are violence, brutality, murders and loose women. Certificate refused.' (RH, Reject 1983, 24/4/1953).
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