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Irish Film Censors' Records

DirectorMichael Curtiz
Year of Production1942
Length of film9222
Type of filmFeature
Date of Censor's Decision19/03/1942
Cuts madeReserve Book: 6470
Rejected notesReject Book: 1609
Banned under EPO's
Passed with Cuts after EPO's lifted
NotesCensors Comments:"'Picture deals with North Africa, etc. Shows German activities in sinister light and Vichy partisans also. Unpresentable in a neutral country.' (RH, 19/3/1942). 'Reel 4A, p.7: Cut words "Could you forgive her?"; Cut words "That would be all right, wouldn't it?" Reel 5A , p.2: Cut from words "The day you left Paris" down to words "how much I still love you"; p.3: Cut from words "All except one" down to words "didn't love you so much". Reel 6A, p.1: Cut from words "But Richard, No, I, I" down to words "you can't be any part of".' (Reserve 6470; 15/6/1945). Reissued 17/9/1951. Note: In 1974 (16 July) Censor restored all cuts except 5A (1) "The day you left Paris, etc. 'Telefis' (?RTE) on page.
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