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Irish Film Censors' Records

DirectorJames Whale
Year of Production1931
Length of film6077
Type of filmFeature
Date of Censor's Decision05/02/1932
Name of CensorJames Montgomery
Decision No.13227
Rejected notesReject Book: 624
Appeal Date08/03/1932
Appeal DecisionPassed without cuts
Date certificate issued09/03/1932
NotesCensors Quote: I cannot issue a general certificate licensing this film for exhibition to audiences containing children - or nervous people. It is a "horror", and notwithstanding its grotesque absurdity, its cruelty and brutality would have a demoralising effect on many. I reject the film as being unfit for exhibition even to an adult audience as it panders to the morbid and unhealthy minded.' (JM, 5/2/1932).
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