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BOORMAN, John (director, producer, screenwriter) (1933 -)

Born in England in 1933, John Boorman has lived in Ireland since 1969. Although he has only directed two Irish-themed films, THE GENERAL (1998) and THE TIGER'S TAIL (2006), he used Ireland as a location in Zardoz (1973) and Excalibur (1981). Boorman commissioned writer Neil Jordan to direct a documentary on the making of Excalibur and he gave technical advise on Jordanís debut feature film, ANGEL (1982), a film that bears similarities to Boormanís own Point Blank (1967). In 1981, when he was a member of the newly-appointed Irish Film Board, Boorman acted as executive producer on ANGEL, a decision which proved controversial with other Irish filmmakers when the Film Board approved funding for the film. Boormanís two Irish films, both starring Brendan Gleeson, focus on Irish criminality and the more recent of the two, THE TIGER'S TAIL, is critical of the new Ireland of the Celtic Tiger. In 1994, Boorman was awarded a CBE.


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  1. Adventures of a Suburban Boy
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