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Abbreviations for publications apply in particular to fiction films made during 1896 – 1996, the period covered by The Irish Filmography, though many of the Irish-originating publications cover all periods and formats.

Publications, Organisations and Countries

ACAmerican Cinematographer
AFICatalog The American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures MPST
Produced in the United States (five volumes)
AKJ Australian Kinematograph Journal
AMB American Mutoscope & Biograph Co AU/Aus Australia
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BBC NI British Broadcasting Corporation Northern Ireland, Belfast
BFI British Film Institute
Bio The Bioscope
BNFCBritish National Film Catalogue
BNFVC British National Film & Video Council, London
BoxBox Office
CECork Examiner
CL City Limits
COICentral Office of Information, London
DC Daily Cinema
DEM Dublin Evening Mail
DFR Daily Film Renter
DV Daily Variety
DW Daily Worker
Edison Cat Edison Manufacturing Co Catalog
EE Evening Echo (Cork)
EH Evening Herald (Dublin)
EP Evening Press (Dublin)
ET Evening Telegraph (Dublin)
ETR Exhibitor's Trade Review
Exh The Exhibitor
F&F Films and Filming
FBN Film Base News (Dublin)
FD Film Daily
FI Film Ireland
FJ Freeman's Journal (Dublin)
FMR Father Matthew Record
FQ Film Quarterly
FR/Fr France
FT Financial Times
FW Film Weekly
GB Great Britain
GEH George Eastman House, Rochester, New York
GER/Ger Germany
Gifford Denis Gifford, The British Film Catalogue 1895-1970 (1973)
HF Hollywood Filmograph
HR Hollywood Reporter
ID In Dublin
IFA Irish Film Archive
II The Irish Independent
IL Irish Limelight
IP The Irish Press
Iph International Photographer
IR/Irl Ireland
IT The Irish Times
ITN Independent Television News, London
IWM Imperial War Museum, London
JFD Jewish Film Directory
KW The Kinematograph Weekly
LAEx Los Angeles Examiner
LAHE Los Angeles Herald Express
LAT Los Angeles Times
LC Library of Congress
LFA Limerick Film Archive
Lubin Cat Lubin Catalog
MFB Monthly Film Bulletin
MOMA Museum of Modern Art, New York
MPD Motion Picture Daily
MPG The Motion Picture Guide
MPH Motion Picture Herald
MP Int Moving Pictures International
MPSI Motion Picture Studio Insider
MPN The Motion Picture News
MPST Motion Picture Story Magazine
MPW The Moving Picture World
NBC National Broadcasting Corporation, USA
NFTVA National Film and Television Archive, London
NFSA National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra
NIFTVC Northern Ireland Film & TV Commission, Belfast
NL Holland
NME New Musical Express
NYC New York Clipper
NYDM The New York Dramatic Mirror
NYHT New York Herald Tribune
NYR New York Review
NYT New York Tribune
NZ New Zealand
PFA Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley
PRONI Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast
RTÉ Radio Telefis Éireann
SBP Sunday Business Post (Dublin)
SI Sunday Independent (Dublin)
SP Sunday Press (Dublin)
SR The Sunday Review (Dublin)
S&S Sight and Sound
ST Sunday Tribune (Dublin)
TC Today’s Cinema
TCA The Cinema
TO Time Out
UCLA University of California, Los Angeles, USA
UFTM Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, NI, Northern Ireland
UK United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
USA United States of America
UTV Ulster Television, Belfast
UUC University of Ulster, Coleraine
Var Variety
VarB Variety Bulletin
WCFTR Wisconsin Centre for Film and Theatre Research
Wids Wid’s Film Daily
WPA WPA Film Library, USA

ABBREVIATIONS General Terms and Production Credits

a. assistant
accnt. accountant
accom, .m. accommodation manager
accomp. accompaniment
ad. advertisement
adapt. adaptation by
addtl. additional
adv. advisor
aka also known as/alternative title
anim. animation
arrg.(music) arranged by
art d. art director
assoc. associate
b. date of birth
b&w black and white
boom op. boom operator
Br. Brother (religious)
bus. m. business manager
ca. circa
c. op. camera operator
c. cameraperson
capt. captain
cast. casting
cat. catalog/catalogue
choreo. choreography by
cnstl. consultant
cnstr. m. construction manager
Co. Company/County
col. colour
Col. Colonel
cont. continuity
co-ord. co-ordinator
co-p. co-producer
Corp. Corporation
cost. costume designer
d. director
dec. decorator
dept. department
dial. d. dialogue director
distr. distributor
dop. director of photography
Dr. Doctor
dsgn. designer
dub. ed. (sound) dubbing editor
dub. mix (sound) dubbing mixer editor
elec. electrician
engr. engineer
exec. p. executive producer
Fr. Father (religious)
ft. feet
hair. hairdresser
int. dec. interior decorator
Jr. Junior
Lieut. Lieutenant
light, c. lighting cameraperson
line p. line producer
loc. m. location manager
lyr. lyrics written by
m. music composed by
m. c. music conductor
m. cnstl. music consultant
make-up make-up artist
mech. mechanic
m.d. musical director
mins. minutes
mm. millimetre
m.p. music performed by
m. prod. music production
m.rd. music recorded by
mfg. manufacturing
narr. narrated by
neg. negative
No. number
orch.c. orchestra conductor
orig. original
p.a. production assistant
p.accnt. production accountant
p.assoc. production associate
p.super. production supervisor
p.c. production company
p.cnstl. production consultant
p.d. production designer
p. producer performed by
ph. photographer
p.buyer. production buyer
p.m. production manager
p.sec. production secretary
p.super. production supervisor
p.cntrl. production controller
post-prod. post-production
post-sync. post-synchronisation
pres. presented by
prod.numbers production numbers
prog. programme
publ. publicity
rec. recording
Rel. release date
Rev. Reverend
rd.d. recording director
re-rd. re-recording
repro. reproduction
s. sound recordist
sc. screenplay or scenario writer
sc.cnstr. script construction script co-ordinator script development
s.dsgn. sound designer
s.effs.ed. sound effects editor
set snstr. set construction
set dec. set decorator/set dresser
set.dsgn. set design
s.ed. sound editor
s.effs. sound effects
s.mix. sound mixer
sp.adv. special advisor
sp.effs. special effects
Sr. Senior/Sister (religious)
super supervisor
suppl. supplement
tec.adv. technical advisor
tec.d. technical director
trad. traditional
trans. translator
TX television transmission date
unit.m. unit manager
(V) film viewed by the editor
Vol. volume
ward. wardrobe
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