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Episode 5, the final one in the current series, was released on April 15th 2020: A new episode every Friday!

A new way to discover the exciting stories of innovation and deep tech coming from researchers in Trinity College, Dublin 

One podcast episode released each week for 5 weeks, providing entertaining and hopefully enlightening discussion with top scientists from a diverse range of research topics. We are not about dumbing down technology but communicating ideas and tech innovation that is creating real social and economic impact for Ireland.

Featuring "live " from the bunker in the bowels of the Lloyd Institute our resident "talking heads" Glen Duggan ( PhD Graduate Psychology) , Edward O'Loughlin (MBA Candidate) , and John Whelan ( Office of Corporate Partnership and Knowledge Exchange).

The Music is "Slow Miles - Fairlights" and is composed and performed by Enda Bates , Assistant Professor of Music & Media Technologies in the School of Engineering.

Please Note: All episodes were recorded before the introduction of any COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland.




The podcast is available from all usual podcast apps or by adding this RSS feed:

EPISODE 1: Professor Stephen Barrett (School of Computer Science & Statistics, Trinity College Dublin)
“Is Software Coding an Art?”
From research to commercial start-up, the story of Devnostics, a cloud-based platform. It examines code with the aim of identifying patterns and insights in computer engineering, in order to improve best practice. Further information on the platform is also available at: 

EPISODE 2: Dr. Nicola Baker (Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin)
“Making Clinical Drugs Safer through use of AI”.
Protecting the patient through linking Pharmacovigilance with Computer Science. Using artificial intelligence to search medical literature, practice, and real world data around the safety of clinical drug use. Andwhy not to buy a house and do a tech start-up instead. See:

EPISODE 3: Kieran Fraser (ADAPT Centre, Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin)
“The Racoon and the White-Hat Hackers”.
Pinged once too often today? The start-up Empushy aims to add a layer of empathy to push-notifications to help maximise engagement while protecting the end user. For more information see:

EPISODE 4: Dr. Kevin Koidl (School of Computer Science & Statistics, Trinity College Dublin)
“From Philosophy to Democratising Social Media Systems.”
Creating balance and trust. Giving the individual more control over their own social media data. Trinity is one of the key partners working on the EU funded HELIOS project aimed at creating a decentralised social media framework, see:  

EPISODE 5: Professor Iris Moeller (Geography Department, Trinity College Dublin).)
“From the River Elbe to Bull Island”
How a chance fishing trip on a German river led to lifetime of research in changing coastal dynamics, flood risks and climate change. The interaction between human society and the dynamic environment we all depend on. For further details on Professor Moeller’s research, she can be reached at:=

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