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Need advice to deal with COVID-19?

The Coronavirus Emergency has highlighted the pivotal contribution of academics and universities in assisting with frontline problems. The Trinity College Dublin community has the knowledge and the will to help external organisations seeking to “Ask an Expert”, and many Trinity academics would like to volunteer as consultants, free of charge, to help with the national effort.

To support this, CONSULT Trinity in Trinity Research & Innovation, working together with AMBER, have produced a dedicated COVID-19 Consultancy Contracting process.

A streamlined approach has been taken to speed up the dissemination of COVID-19 support, creating a safe way to help in cases where the academic consultant wishes to waive the standard consultancy fees due to the critical circumstances.

Many organisations are seeking advice on wide-ranging questions, such as:

  • problems in PPE materials
  • testing
  • human behaviour
  • the economy
  • health and wellbeing of staff

Interested clients are invited to read the Trinity Consultancy & Outside Earnings Policy and fill in this form.

Interested TCD staff should familiarise themselves with the Trinity Consultancy & Outside Earnings Policy and get in touch with the CONSULT office for a chat (

Some quick tips if you’re new to academic consultancy:

  • Academic consultancy generally involves short projects where pre-existing knowledge (i.e. techniques or data that is already published) is applied to a client’s problem. Usually, no intellectual property is shared or generated.
  • A specific, time-limited work plan is agreed between Trinity and the client at the outset, to avoid any uncontrolled growth in a project's scope, protect the academic’s time, and achieve the project goals where possible. The CONSULT office has been set up to guide this process, as well as manage risk and insurance for the project.
A major cited benefit when engaging in academic consultancy collaborations is the opportunity to apply world-class and specialised academic expertise to real problems. For example, Dr Mary Bourke’s work on flood mitigation in the Inishowen Peninsula was recently highlighted in the Trinity Dean of Research’s Research Matters series.