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Remote Working - Employee Key Considerations
(during the COVID-19 outbreak)

1. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for all employees to follow whilst working remotely / from home during the COVID-19 outbreak

2. Scope

This applies to all employees whilst working remotely / from home during the COVID-19 outbreak

3. Communication

Ensure that you have up to date contact details of your Manager and team to enable communication (e.g. phone number or email address).

Be available for calls and virtual team meetings. Communicate important updates with your Manager and team in a timely manner. Keep connected with your team members.

Ensure that you keep to your routine and stay focused on results. Keep your Manager and team updated on your work and any challenges or issues impacting your work are highlighted in a timely manner.

Staff members should not attend work if they have been medically diagnosed as having contracted COVID 19/instructed to self-isolate until certified fit by their doctor.

If medically diagnosed, please call 087 6267323 or 086 1731874 to ensure that the University can take the appropriate measures as quickly as possible and inform your Line Manager by telephone as soon as possible and keep them informed as to your return to work date.

Seek the appropriate medical confirmation and ensure you provide it to your Line Manager.

If you are in contact with a confirmed/diagnosed case of COVID-19 you should contact your doctor or the HSE and follow the medical advice provided. Then inform your Line Manager as to the advice given.

4. IT

Ensure you have everything you need to successfully work from home. Check your access to emails, networks, shared folders, Skype for Business and other sites relevant to your work.

Ensure your laptop is encrypted and VPN is set up.  Test your IT Equipment at home and ensure access to Wifi etc.

5. Health and Safety

Any accident or incident that takes place while you are conducting your work duties should be reported to your Manager.

Ensure you have a quiet space where you can focus on work uninterrupted. Ensure the discipline of work hours and breaks is maintained.

Employees are under a legal obligation to co-operate with the employer so far as is necessary to enable compliance with the relevant statutory provisions and University policies. It is important to reiterate that this applies despite the informal surroundings such as a person's home. This includes an obligation to take reasonable care to protect their own safety. This includes following the advice of their GP, health care providers and the HSE as appropriate. 

Employees have an existing obligation to notify their Manager if they become aware that they are suffering from any disease or physical or mental impairment which affects their performance of work activities that could give rise to risks to the safety, health and welfare of persons at work. The duty is on the employee to protect themselves and others and is especially critical in the current situation. 

6. Security of Information and Data

Staff must ensure that University controlled data is processed securely and measures should be taken to ensure that no unauthorised person can access such information.  To ensure this, the Trinity Data Protection and Information Security Offices have drafted guidance for secure remote and mobile working.  This guidance is available at  and staff must comply with them at all times.

7. Health and Safety

It is the individual staff member's responsibility to ensure that they do not place themselves or others at risk whilst working remotely for the duration of this arrangement. 

Managers should inform staff of the Employee Assistance Programme which is available to them should they require it:

Please see the Staying Healthy while Working at Home document, which has some very useful tips & guidance regarding employee wellbeing during this period.

Further assistance

Further assistance can be found by contacting one of the following:

1. Your Manager

2. HR Service Centre:

If your manager or the HR Service Centre do not have the answer, the matter will be escalated to the relevant HR team or the HR Partner for their input.