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Tips for writing a Letter of Support

Letters of Support can make a real difference for the individual or team being nominated. They can be very effective in showing the support the team or individual has across the Trinity Community. (Note that "community" may include staff, faculty, students, Trinity, national and/or global.) They require thought and preparation and can show how the nominee consistently makes outstanding contributions that otherwise would not be acknowledged.

Choose an individual who knows the individual/team you are nominating.

The person who provides the letter of support may be from your own area or from another area of the University, or a student.

Open the letter of support by stating who the writer is and their relationship to the person/team being nominated. 

State how they know the person/team they are nominating.

Why they are happy to write the Letter of Support.

Give examples (the more the better) of how the individual or team consistently go above and beyond the daily responsibilities of their job. Link the examples to the particular award criteria. 

Show how the person/team being nominated consistently makes a contribution to the Trinity experience and/or community.

Avoid jargon. While you are familiar with your nominee’s work, more than likely the members of the selection committee won’t be. Keep that in mind as you describe the nature and quality of the contributions and accomplishments.

Word Count. Remember to keep the word count on the Letter of Support within the maximum 300 words.