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Tips for writing a Nomination

Choose a category.
Make sure to pick the correct award category. Describe how your nominee meets the criteria of the category you have selected.

There are three award categories:

Enhancing the Trinity experience – available to an individual or a team

Individual Leadership – available to an individual

Outstanding Colleague – available to an individual

  • Describe the impact of this individual/team’s achievements and contribution relative to the award criteria for the particular Award.
  • Describe the overall impact of the individual/team’s achievements and contribution to the strategic goals of Trinity.

Some useful tips: Give some background information that provides an understanding of why the individual or team is being nominated.

  • If possible, briefly describe the nominee/team's position and general job responsibilities.
  • Is there an issue, problem, or situation that the individual or team successfully addressed?
  • Has the individual/team consistently shown strong performance?
  • How are these steps beyond the normal requirements of their job? 

When answering Question 7 on the nomination form for the particular award, please describe some action steps that were taken and also consider the following:

  • How were innovations and/or solutions identified, developed, and implemented?
  • Were there collaborative efforts with other disciplines and/or departments?
  • How was leadership and/or teamwork exemplified?
  • What impact does the contribution/achievement have? 

Describe the impact of the individual/team:

  • How does the community benefit? (Note that "community" may include staff, faculty, students, Trinity, national and/or global.)
  • How did the contribution/achievement improve service quality and/or efficiency?
  • How did the contribution/achievement enhance diversity, foster an employee's professional development, and/or promote work/life balance?

If some of the criteria is not relevant to the individual or team you are nominating, just state ‘not applicable’.

Get support.  Review the indicative award criteria with colleagues and consider sharing writing the nomination text. Consider who you should get to provide the Letter of Support. The Letter of Support from colleagues, students and other members of the community can strengthen a nomination significantly.

Use bullet points. Don't worry about crafting beautiful paragraphs - you can provide information in a bulleted list.

Avoid jargon. While you are familiar with your nominee’s work, more than likely the members of the selection committee won't be. Keep that in mind as you describe the nature and quality of the contributions and accomplishments.

Include measurable results. Where possible, include measurable results (e.g. customer feedback, a new product or service, staff morale increasing, monetary savings, etc.).

Use multiple examples. Include more than one example (the more the better) of how the individual or team went above and beyond the daily responsibilities of the job.

Word Count. Remember to keep your word count within the maximum 500 words on the nomination form.