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02 Kanchi Ability Awards

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We are pleased to announce that Trinity College has successfully achieved the status of 'Ability Company' in all six categories in the 02 Ability Awards 2010  including Leadership, Customer Service, Environmental Accessibility, Learning Development and Progression, Retention and Well Being. 

Trinity has reached the final stage of the 02 Ability Awards programme and the judges' decision will be announced at the awards ceremony on 12th May next. Reaching this stage is an achievement that highlights College's commitment to increasing accessibility and the value it places on the contribution made by all members of the College community.

Here is the RTE Player link for the video clip of TCD.   - The TCD clip is just after minute 25 on the programme.

The 02 Ability Awards recognise best practice in the inclusion of people with disabilities, both as customers and as employees. The Awards are a Kanchi initiative, to find out more about the Awards and Kanchi please visit

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