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Places are limited to 15 and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cancellation Fee:  There is no cost for staff attending this course but you will be asked for a departmental cost code on booking. Your department will be liable for a charge of €75 for 4 working days' cancellation notice and €150 for 48 hours' notice or non-attendance without prior cancellation by email to

Useful online resource from to accompany this course: Building Resilience

The 'Inside Out' Programme
Stress Management, Personal Effectiveness, Work/Life Balance

12th November 2019

First HRD

In our one-day workshop with follow up (optional), find out:

  • How to restore a life of balance, meaning and purpose
  • How to get a better performance by changing attitudes.
  • Practical ways to recognise stress (including unseen stress) and how to cope with its debilitating effects in yourself and others. (Personal and workplace stress)
  • How to get "out of your head" and live in the present
  • The 10 best ways to quickly restore a healthy work/life balance.
  • Tried and tested tips for a healthy lifestyle to make you more effective and efficient in your job.
  • How to overcome the fear of moving outside the comfort zone,
  • Steps to deal with change and distorted thinking
  • How to feel great - the benefits of a real increase in energy.
  • 3 effective relaxation techniques to use anywhere, anytime.

The 'Inside Out' programme is about the pursuit of balance, a balance between our internal value structure and external societal influences which directly impact on our decision making, beliefs, habits, opinion’s, methods of communication, rating system and desires. The way we see the world and all it presents determines our reality and creates our destiny.
Our personal and professional development is underpinned by the way we think about ourselves, the people that surround us and the events that take place in our lives. Our thoughts create our experience, our focus creates our reality. Everything that comes into our lives, we attract to it via our thought process and the images we hold in our minds. Our conditioned mind then seeks to recreate and attract what it knows and what is familiar.

The 'Inside Out' programme works on the basis of "what's going on the inside determines what happens on the outside". The subconscious mind is like a computer, working around the clock recording and storing in its memory bank all of the experiences, emotions, habits and attitudes, information and messages it has received since we were born. The subconscious has no reasoning ability; it works with automatic and unquestioning accuracy upon the plans and concepts which are fed into it. What we put in we get out.