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Getting Started

How to access

You can access Lynda using your Trinity username and password

Go to input your username, password and click login.

Lynda TCD login

The first time you login you will be asked if you have used before:

First login screen

If yes, and you want to copy your history/playlists to your new account, then click on "I've had an account"

Enter your old account details and click on the Transfer button

Lynda previous account details

You will arrive at the landing page:

Lynda landing page

How to use Lynda

Click on the How to use course to learn how to find, access, and view tutorials.

How to use

This will show you how to:

  • Browse the training library
  • Watch training videos
  • Manage your training (including creating and sharing playlists)
  • Manage your account
  • Troubleshoot and get help

When you click on the course "How to use", you will see that it breaks down into 5 different sections. While the overall course takes 1hour 27 minutes, Section 1 'Browsing the Online Training Library' takes 10 mins 36s, Section 2 'Watching the Training' takes 18m 46s and so on. This allows you to select the elements of the course you want to watch and allows you to choose the amount of time you have available to watch a particular topic.

How to use duration of courses

Selecting a Course

Select from the Assigned Playlists e.g. Trinity Word Essentials – this brings you to the Trinity Word Essentials screen: By Clicking on Course Office 365 Word Essential Training you are brought directly to this course. These are recommended courses and you may of course access other relevant courses.

Example of Word training

Sections within each Course

You will see that the full course contains 14 different sections – see screen shot of Section 6, 7 and 8 below. You may then select the elements of the course that you want to review.

Sections in Lynda courses